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Secret Happy Hour Meetings

Like many other professions, pastors have meetings.  Some weeks, lots of them.  Some weeks, too many of them.  Those meetings can range from interesting to irksome to inspiring, and occasionally all of those feelings in the same meeting.  It was at a recent lunch meeting that went longer than expected that I learned of a Davis beer secret that might make any future meetings all the more engrossing.

I met with a friend over a late lunch at Burgers and Brew on 3rd Street, and we had no idea how fantastic of an idea the late lunch can turn out to be.  Burgers and Brew is a staple place for meeting someone for lunch in Davis, and often, depending on who I’m meeting, I’ll enjoy something on tap with my burger.  Though I often hear complaints about how many beers are on tap at B&B, I’ve always felt like they at least have done a nice job of having an interesting variety on tap and bring in other beers for their daily special as well.

One of the best reasons to go however (other than the food of course), is that when you set a meeting at a place named Burgers and Brew, it is a nearly instant license to actually have a beer with your lunch no matter who you are meeting.  I’ve actually heard people I’ve met there say something like, “Well, I suppose I can’t come to a place named Burgers and Brew and not have a beer with lunch, so what the heck.  Anything good on tap?”

At B&B, my answer is almost always the same.  Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic.  As is the case with all dining establishments, I am less concerned with how many beers are on tap as I am with what beers are on tap.  The fact that B&B always has Racer 5 being poured into chilled glasses that wonderfully exhibit its frothy goodness is a reason to keep coming back.  The fact that they have a secret extra happy hour, is a reason to come back often.

My late lunch turned into great conversation, so before we knew it, it was two o’clock and we hadn’t finished talking which meant one thing: time for another round.  I walked back up to the counter, ordered two Racer 5’s and was given my total: $4.  I promptly alerted the person behind the register that I ordered two beers, not just one, and she gave me a brief smile and then announced those words beer lovers everywhere rejoice to hear, “From 2-3 PM all pints are 2 bucks, and the regular happy hour starts at 3.”  By the time the words were out of her mouth I realized that late lunches were going to be the new norm with the occasional 2 PM meeting at B&B thrown in for good measure.  A two dollar Racer 5 can be all you need to make a good meeting great.

Racer 5 is the quintessential West Coast American IPA.  It’s blasted with hops and has a nose that is full of citrus and hop oils.  Everything else takes a back seat to the hops in the smell, though hints of toasted malts are present.  While the taste is truly a hop-fest as well, Racer 5 has a smoothness often missing from other bitter beers.  The hops come at you fast but the creaminess of the beer keeps everything velvety.  Because it is so hoppy, its a beer that could threaten to take over your meal, so it’s a great pairing with a burger that has a lot going on – like jalepenos, bacon, different cheeses, or with garlic fries or onion rings.

The Secret Happy Hour at B&B has, I confess, lured me back and has even encouraged other meetings to be slotted in the 2-3 PM time period – especially if the person I’m meeting happens to be a beer geek.  You don’t have to feel like a covert operative trying to score a secret deal though, because so far as I can tell, the only thing secret about the 2 dollar pints is the fact that they don’t publish the price very widely.  Still, when Racer 5 can be had for 2 dollars, its worth pushing your lunch a bit later in the afternoon, or just schedule a meeting at 2 in the afternoon.  After that first sip, the other folks at your meeting will thank you, and chances are, with everyone happily sipping a hoppy-licious beer called Racer 5, the meeting might go as smoothly as the beer.


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