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Davis Music Festival Saturday!

On Saturday, June 25, it’s the first annual Davis Music Festival. This event features twenty (20) bands at five venues in downtown Davis, including E Street Plaza, Odd Fellows Hall, Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, Delta of Venus and Little Prague. Throughout the day, festival goers can choose between dancing, swaying, line-dancing or even head banging. The line up includes local bands like West Nile Ramblers, New Heirlooms and Uncle Tony, as well as Sacramento bands, such as Musical Charis, G. Green and Jake Mann, along with other popular California acts, The Blank Tapes (SF), Conscious Souls (Pleasanton) and Truth and Salvage (L.A). Tickets are $20 which covers entrance fees into all 5 venues; proceeds benefit the Davis Schools Arts Foundation, which supports art, music and performing arts programs in our local schools. For more information on bands and purchasing tickets, visit http://davismusicfest.com.

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