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Walking in the Fog and Rain

Hi.  I’m Walking Bob.  The weather outside is frightful and it’s probably a no-fireplace day so the fire won’t be so delightful if you stay inside.  Sounds like perfect walking weather to me.

Seriously, some of my favorite times to walk around Davis are when it is foggy and there’s a chill in the air, or when it has just finished raining, or even when a light mist of a rain is still hanging in the air.  Stay inside and you will miss some great photo opportunities, even if you’re only taking mental snapshots or capturing the moment with your cell phone.

I hate driving in fog because I’m never confident that I’ll have time to stop before I hit whatever just loomed out of the mist or because I don’t think whomever is zipping up behind me will stop before they hit me.  However, my personal stopping distance pretty much matches my vision in the fog and the things I see make it worth the walk, so I invite you to also enjoy fog walking.  The greenbelts and bike trails keep you off the surface streets, so you can enjoy the walk in peace.

If it has been raining, you’ll still need to keep an eye out for wet leaves on sidewalks because they seem to give you about as much traction as a banana peel on ice, and you could quickly find yourself flat on your back and soggy.  Don’t avoid the wet leaves completely because they can be really interesting.  This photo was taken one crispy Sunday morning when the frost was still hanging on the leaves, and the sun was just starting to peek out to melt the little ice crystals.

When you’re walking in the fog, the sun is sometimes just a slight glow somewhere in the sky and everything seems to be a shade of gray.  But, as the fog burns off, the sun brings out beauty, even if it is only in black and white.  These sunrays would be invisible on a sunny day, but in the dissipating fog they almost look like light sabers slashing through the trees.

Since you all haven’t taken my advice yet, walks in the fog can be pretty solitary trips.  The fog seems to make everything quieter and narrows the world down to a few feet ahead of me.  Just to show you that I’m not the only one out on foggy days, here is a woman walking her dog near my favorite oak tree, just east of Korematsu School, which is somewhat east of East Davis.

Spider webs tend to look prettier in person than they do when you try to capture them in a photograph.  I didn’t see a lot of spiders in the rain, but their webs amid these plants captured some tiny diamonds of water on their surface.

See all that you’ve been missing?  Here’s your chance for a great walk or two.  What would Gene Kelly do?

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