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Divas on the Move!

Even though the summertime brought a lot of changes to our exercise routine, the divas managed to stay in touch and share lots of great memories and fun times together.  One of the divas took her family cross country for 10 weeks and met up with friends and family along the way. Travel and adventure led the rest of us to places like Waikiki, Disney World, Niagara Falls, Graceland, the White House, Maine and New York City to name a few. 

When we were in town, we kept to our regular M-W-F schedule of meeting and running 4-6 miles to keep in shape and keep in touch. In addition to that, some of us continued  bootcamp classes offered by Just Fit Bootcamp.  A few of us even ventured across the causeway to try Vinyasa Yoga in 85 degrees fahrenheit at Zuda Yoga studio in Sacramento! 

Even though our commitment to staying fit and active was our initial bond, we soon learned that we enjoy each other’s company tremendously.  Socializing with great food and drinks has become an integral part of the divas.  The highlights of the gatherings this summer was a seven course persian feast prepared by my mom, uncle and aunt in July. 

Persian Food Fest in July 2010.

 In August a group of us got together to celebrate another special diva birthday. We enjoyed Lucinda’s Jalapeno margaritas and an assortment of scrumptious dishes prepared by us all.  The birthday girl was surprised by a a delicious cake from Konditorei.

Me, Lucinda and Judy B&W girls – Cake from Konditorei – JoAnne at her B-Day celebration!

In September, we had a large gathering of the divas and friends to celebrate Yolanda – AKA General Spice’s  birthday at Seasons Restaurant.

Even on a school night, we all came out to celebrate!

 As the fall approaches, several of us are continuing our training for multiple half marathons including the Nike Women’s Marathon. Lucinda, AKA “Sweet Spice” will be going to New York City for her very first full marathon! Alongside her will be her coach, Jennifer Miramontes, AKA “Nugget Spice” and star cheerleader, Martha Bernauer, AKA “Gma Spice” who has made us and the entire Davis community very proud  for winning “WOMAN of the Year” for Sacramento’s chapter of the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society! More about Gma Spice and her talents to come. 

In a moment of weakness or prowess I am not sure which, JoAnne, AKA “Sky Spice” talked three of us into trying a triathlon. The “mini” tri ended up being a lot of fun and I am glad to report that we survived and actually enjoyed the experience tremendously! 

Happy Faces before the swim, bike and run!

On October 17th, I will be running the Nike Women’s Half along with  the Divas and  60 other runners from the Fleet Feet RFW group thanks to Pixie Baber, our favorite Running For Women coach and group leader who signed us up as a group and won the lottery drawing ! At the end of Octber,  I will be traveling to Greece to do some site seeing and to run/walk the Athens Marathon which will be celebrating its 2500 year anniversary.

My final race will be the Rock & Roll Half/Full Marathon in Las Vegas. For the rest of the Davis running groups, the California International Marathon will end their racing season.

As far as a local race coming up, check out a Change of Pace’s website for more details about the first Oktobrewfest on October 16th, 2010. I am very excited to be able to run the inaugural one! 

I am looking forward to the fall season and to completing my upcoming races injury free! Remember it’s not the destination but the journey that counts! 

For more information about running for beginners, check out the programs offered by RFW and Fleet Feet – Davis

Stay tuned for another Diva entry in two weeks!

Ara, AKA “Sassy Spice” owns V.I.P. Studios Photography and loves all aspects of running her business and running with the Divas!

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