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Serenity Spot #2

Relax by the fountain near the Robert Mondavi

Aaah, the calming sounds of water. This secret space is really no secret; in fact it’s hiding in plain view. Look for this little grassy oasis the next time you visit the Mondavi center at UC Davis or are just taking the ‘back way’ to the freeway when the Richards onramp gets busy (or is that just me because I live downtown?).Remeber that getting away from it all for a moment is key for balanced living, and when you can do this in your own backyard, even better! Bonus for you if you walk here along the arboretum.

Lavender calms the senses

I love this spot because it reminds me of being on vacation.  The fountain, the rich green lawn, the purple blossoms, all wrapped up in a nice manicured package.  Laying out here is like resort living.  Clean and simple.  It’s a bit loud for studying (that fountain really pours), but duck watching, sun soaking, pleasure reading and sunset meanders do well in this serenity spot.  If you work on the south side of campus, no excuses!  Take a “10” and get some fresh air.  No matter when you go, I bet  you’ll be the only one there!

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