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Fall In A College Town

It’s October and Davis city streets fill with leaves, children, and bikes.


Autumn is a time of change.  As the trees and the local wildlife enter their dormant period, the city streets seem to waken. October arrives and over the span of a weekend  the population of Davis explodes, as roughly 30,000 students move in. Parents with their young adult children explore and discover the city. Businesses bustle. Bike racks fill.

ucd.fall.2014_01 ucd.fall.2014_05  

At the same time, families with young children adjust to their schedule changes. Kids are back in school.  Drop-off and pick-up routines resume. Little ones race to keep up with the big kids. And new friends are made.
ucd.fall.2014_03Suitcases and lunches are packed and unpacked. As the days grow shorter and colder, I am made aware of time passing. It can seem as though there is more to be done and less time to do it all. It’s an exciting time of year for a college town. And as I reflect on the changes fall brings, I notice how every tearful good bye brings with it a new beginning full of hope and promise.


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