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December Show at YoloArts


Artist and art educator Chuck Warner was a great influence and mentor to the thousands of students he taught, and was an artist of significant talent.  His teaching career was largely spent at Woodland High School until his death in 2005.  Referred to as “Warner” by friends and students, he loved to paint, to push the boundaries, and to see what his medium would do, while subscribing to Marcel Duchamp’s notion that an artist sets in motion a creative process that the viewer must complete.

Warner was born in Sacramento to parents who would influence his future – his father, Earl, a well-known commercial artist, and his mother, Wilma, a teacher.  He graduated from Sacramento State University in 1966 and did post-graduate work at the California College of the Arts in Oakland, where he had the opportunity to study with the important painters of the sixties.

“One of Chuck’s most important legacies was his contribution to the world of art through education,” stated Warner’s wife, Marion Cantor, in the exhibition’s artist statement.  “He was active on a team that developed curriculum for public school art education, and instrumental in adding art to the UC system entrance requirements.”

Warner’s career as an educator was distinguished by his patient and caring approach with students as he often took on difficult pupils who then went on to become successful artists.

“World of Chuck Warner: A Celebration of Art” will run through January 30 at Gallery 625, the public art gallery curated by YoloArts and located in the Erwin Meier Administration Building, 625 Court Street in Woodland.  Regular gallery viewing hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  For additional information, call YoloArts at 530-406-4844, or visit the website at yoloarts.org.

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