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2nd Friday ArtAbout


Davis Downtown’s 2nd Friday ArtAbout is a monthly evening of art viewing and artists’ receptions at galleries and businesses in Davis. All receptions and viewings are free and open to the public. Many showings include complimentary refreshments and opportunities to converse with featured artists. For more information about Davis Downtown and ArtAbout, visit DavisDowntown.com, or e-mail ArtAbout@DavisDowntown.com.

Special Events, Live Music, Performances & Venue Updates:

Davis Downtown welcomes Bohème Hip Used Clothing to its new location on Third St. featuring the paintings and illustrations of Davis High School Junior Gregory Shilling-Goins and the music of Crow Canyon. (Note: Paulina’s Boutique is still at its D St. location for now and will be open during ArtAbout with the mixed media art of Tatyana Bychkov.) Also enjoy live music, DJ, and/or special events at Armadillo Music, Bohème Hip Used Clothing, Davis Developmental Pediatrics Group, Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, Logos Books, LYON Real Estate, John Natsoulas Gallery, Pence Gallery, Ray Johnston Photography Studio, The Wardrobe, and the Yolo SPCA Thrift Store.

Art Receptions & Viewings:

  • Armadillo Music, 205 F St., 530-758-8058; reception, 6-9p.m., DK Osorio, ink on paper, through January 6, 2013. Live music starting at 7p.m.
  • The Artery, 207 G St., 530-758-8330; viewing, 10a.m.-9p.m., “Annual All Member Holiday Gift Show,” all different media, through December 31.
  • A Better Place to Bead, 132 E St., Suite 150 (Mansion Square), 530-759-8038; reception, 5-8p.m., CK, oil painting, through December 31.
  • Bohème Hip Used Clothing, 409 Third St.; reception 6-8p.m., Davis High School Junior Gregory Shilling-Goins, paintings & illustrations, through December 22. Crow Canyon (Riley Donahue, Nathan Puckett, and Drew Thomsen) will play acoustic music.
  • Cloud Forest Café, 222 D St., Suite 10, 530-753-2164; reception, 4-6:30p.m., “Nor Cal Blooms,” Cindy Lewis, photography, through December 31.
  • Crepeville, 330 Third St., 530-750-2400; viewing, 7a.m.-11p.m., Doreen Irwin, paintings, through January 31, 2013.
  • Davis Developmental Pediatrics Group, 760 Fifth St., 530-758-3374; reception, 6-9p.m., “One Red Dot,” Peregrine Elementary School students from preschool to seventh grade, developmental art show, various media, through December 31. Kids are welcome to create art at reception.
  • French Cuff Consignment, 130 G St., 530-756-3724; reception, 5-9p.m., “Land & Sea Abstracts,” Dee Conway, oil on canvas, through January 8, 2013.
  • International House, 10 College Park, 530-753-5007; reception, 6-8p.m., “In retrospect,” Winifred Madison, oil, through February 6, 2013.
  • Logos Books, 513 Second St., 530-400-1083; reception, 5-8p.m., “Whimsical Art World of Marguerite Schaffron,” varied art, through December 31. Special Happy Holiday Art Sale with hot cider and candy canes.
  • LYON Real Estate, 401 Second St., 530-758-0720; reception, 5:30-7:30p.m., Suzanne Bell, encaustic painting, through January 1, 2013. During the reception, Suzanne will demonstrate encaustic painting from 6:30-7p.m.
  • John Natsoulas Gallery, 521 First St., 530-756-3938; reception, 7-10p.m., Louis LaBrie, oil paintings, through December 29. Live Music.
  • nestware, 207 F St., 530-757-6400; reception, 6-9p.m., “Lloyd Johnson at nestware,” hand colored linoleum relief prints and watercolors, through December 31.
  • Nina’s Studio, 241 F St., 530-758-9221; reception, 6-8p.m., “Emotions,” Lucinda Gabriela Aguilar, oil, through February 28, 2013.
  • The Paint Chip, 217 F St., 530-753-5093; reception, 6-8:30p.m., Jan Solorzano, ceramics, one night only (December 14).
  • Paulina’s Boutique, 222 D St., Suite 9A; reception, 5-7:30p.m., Tatyana Bychkov, mixed media, paint and straw, through December 31.
  • Pence Gallery, 212 D St., 530-758-3370; reception, 6-9p.m., “Holiday Market,” Cheryl Lobenberg, Lisa DeFehr, Nancy Shapiro, and Lauren Brandy, along with many more, enjoy unique and affordable work for the holidays, including ceramics, textiles, home décor, jewelry, and seasonal, through December 23; “Our Stories: Judith Lowry’s Artistic Reflections of Native California,” mixed media art, through January 27, 2013; and “Teapots,” through December 30. Music by the Maidu Independent Theater, 7-7:45p.m.
  • Ray Johnston Photography Studio, 803 Second St., Suite 302 (Chen Building), 530-756-0499; reception, 6-10p.m., “Simple Gifts,” Lisa Langell, nature and wildlife photography, “Around Town,” Ben Tuason, photography, one night only (December 14).  DJ Lounge Beat, refreshments.
  • RE/MAX Gold, 408 Second St., 530-756-1212; reception, 6-8p.m., Laville Logan, pastels & watercolor, through December 28.
  • Spa Central, 213 F St., 530-758-7400; reception, 7-9p.m., “Fall in Paris,” Kim Stein, photographs, through December 31.
  • UC Davis Store Downtown, 630 Second St., 530-297-4450; viewing with artist present, 5-8p.m., Barry Hannah, hand turned wood bowls made from campus grown wood, ongoing.
  • The Wardrobe, 206 E St., 530-756-1128; reception, 7-9p.m., “A Holiday Trunk Show featuring Sorrelli and Escape From Paris,” jewelry, one night only (December 14). Live Celtic music from The Blackbird.
  • Yolo SPCA Thrift Store, 920 Third St., 530-758-0544; reception, 1-6p.m., “it’s David Tsai”, Brandon Ivey, and Mamadu, mixed media. Santa will be here to take photos 1-4p.m.!

Other Events during ArtAbout:

  • Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, 415 Second St.; 6-7:30p.m., ODD POETRY, somewhere inside or immediately outside the Odd Fellows Lodge, you will find the Odd Poets.  Stop by for a few minutes or for the full 90 minutes to listen to live performances of a wide range of poems, from the brand-new to the classic, and from the guffaw-inducing to those deeply moving. And since this is an open mic event, this is your chance to grace the stage with your presence, and share with us your own favorite poems (original and otherwise)!
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