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Hi.  I’m Walking Bob, and as I walk by some vacant storefronts in the Manor Plaza, I want to assure everyone that All Things Right & Relevant is alive and quite well in its new home at the corner of Peña and Spafford, just off Fifth Street.  When you do find your way there, I have to say that although you will probably recognize some of the familiar faces serving you, you will not recognize the store.

I’m sure there was excitement back in December 1992 when the original 3,500 square foot store opened and even more when they added the thrift store and consignment center over the next few years.  However, the new 10,000 square foot R&R location doubles the size of the combined stores in Manor Square and the high ceilings, beautiful display cases, and windows with a view have already brought increased sales and donations that are paying dividends for the ten mental health organizations that profit from the stores.  You can link to any of the organizations on the website.

Operated by The Friends of Allied Non-Profits (FAN), profits are equally shared between ten non-profit mental health organizations in Davis and nearby communities.  In addition to helping these organizations, about two dozen mental health clients have a chance to gain work experience and earn income in the new Thrift Store of R&R, shown here. They work alongside a handful of other part-time paid employees and about seventy volunteers who keep the store stocked, clean and organized.

Shoppers familiar with R&R are used to the triple price tags that show the original price and then list two lower prices that go into effect if the item isn’t sold by the dates shown.  The highest quality and most unique items get sold well before those dates, but if you’re willing to risk losing out on an item, you can always wait for the price to go down and hope someone else won’t buy it before you do.

Store co-manager, Alice Aldous, proudly gave me a tour of the new facilities and introduced me to people working in all three parts of the new location.  Alice pointed out some of the unique items that were on the floor the day I visited, although there is no guarantee they’ll still be there by the time you come in.  The two refined dog hangers shown here would be perfect for hanging your suits or special outfits.  You’ll never know just which perfect item of clothing or unique gift or collectible is waiting on any particular day, so I stop by often.  That’s even easier for me now that the new store is so close to my east of east Davis home.

If you are interested in offering underused treasures or clean, pressed, seasonal clothing in excellent condition for consignment, check out the website or Facebook page to get details on what they are currently welcoming for consignment.  You can typically bring in ten appropriate items during their consignment hours from 11 to 2 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and from 4:30 to 6:30 on Tuesday and Thursday.  They sometimes close intake early if they’re overstocked, so it is always good to call 759-9648 ahead of time to be sure they’re open to consignments.

You can place items on consignment for forty-five days, and you will receive 46% of the sales price, with 54% of the sales going to the ten mental health organizations.  You can reclaim unsold items anytime during those forty-five days, or your items turn into donations.  R&R is open to straight donations of salable items or to donations to the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC) and their special “Suit Up for Success” program.  In that program, trained “personal shoppers” meet clients by appointment and help them select appropriate clothes for job interviews.  Again, it is best to call 759-9648 before bringing in any donation.

New spacious and well-lit dressing rooms are available for you to be sure the clothes you’re looking at fit just right, and they have some new items that were donated still in the package.  Also, if you’re out gift shopping or just satisfying your sweet tooth, don’t forget that they always have a fresh supply of See’s Candy.  There are also plans for a coffee area to be brought to you by Common Grounds.  Stop by soon to buy items to support their good causes or check into volunteering yourself. The current hours are from 9:00 to 7:00 in the main store and from 9:00 to 6:30 in the thrift store.

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