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Celebrate with Beer at Our House

Sometimes you just need to celebrate.  And sometimes when you just need to celebrate, you need to treat yourself (insert reference to Park’s and Recreation, for you fans of the NBC show out there).  While Christians may often treat Christmas as if its the “most wonderful time of the year,” in truth, Easter is our biggest celebration.  If Christians get the (admittedly often deserved) reputation of being killjoys, then Easter ought to be that time when Christians throw a good party and celebrate.  A good party needs a few things, not the least of which is good beer.  But a great party deserves great food and of course, great beer.  While you can get great beer a variety of places, when it comes time to celebrate, you want to be just as intentional where you plan to celebrate as to how.

When I was notified that Our House in Davis was finally getting a few taps of beer on top of their solid selection of bottles available, it was reason to celebrate itself.  I’ve been dining at Our House since they opened and would occasionally show off to guests by ordering bottles of beer I knew were under the counter but that weren’t necessarily on a beer list.  Yet I often wished they had something on tap, because sometimes, you just want the unparalleled freshness of tap beer.  So when a few weeks ago three taps were installed, I was thrilled.  Even though it was only three, I assumed that true to Our House form, all three would be good choices.  I was right.

Since this is the time of year to celebrate, it only makes sense for me to do so with what some have labeled “quite possibly the best IPA in America” – the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.  Thus just before Easter and then again just after, I found myself at the gorgeous wood plank bar ordering a truly exceptional beer.  The two go well together.

When it was first released in 2001 and pretty much ever sense, the 90 Minute IPA was labeled king of the double IPA’s.  And for good reason.  This beer takes over a month to brew with a continuous hop process and a thorough dry hop during conditioning, and because of all that, it’s a pricey beer.  A four pack of 90 Minute will cost more than your decent-to-real-good 6 pack of other beer, but when its on tap and you are celebrating, its a fine choice.

This is truly a gorgeous beer.  It pours a darker hew than other IPA’s, still smells delicious with pine and citrus but is much more nuanced with malts and alcohol up front.  One look and one whiff and you realize quickly this isn’t a smack in the mouth kind of beer, this is both full and balanced, intense and intricate all at the same time.  In short, there is a whole lot to explore in this beer.

Unlike other Imperial IPA’s, the 90 minute retains a solid malt base that tempers the pungent hops – this thing won’t crush you with bitterness.  Interestingly, this might be precisely why some might suggest the 90 Minute isn’t the lone king of the mountain it once was.  As other imperial’s come along with more hops and are intentionally less balanced, this beer from Dogfish Head may get passed over in those looking for something more intensely hoppy.  Still, this is a remarkable beer that is just right if you are looking for something special.

If you are looking to celebrate something: Easter, graduation, a Friday – you would be wise to consider the 90 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head.  And while it is lovely out of the bottle, this is one of those beers that begs to be had out of the tap.  Our House is perfectly suited to help you celebrate in style with great beer at a great place.



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