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Sushi Lover

Katie Batchelor

The lovely Katie Batchelor, a bus driver, allowed me to interview her as she was driving. Katie was gracious enough to not only let me interview her but to also laugh at my jokes.

Katie is 21 years old and a third year at UC Davis. She balances working as a bus driver and majoring in genetics. No small feat.

Katie has a several pets; she has three cats and bunches of fish. Some of Katie’s interests include video games and reading. She especially likes reading fantasy series. She was once a soccer star, but those years are behind her now…

Katie’s favorite route to drive is the Q-line. She explains that it wraps all around Davis and requires mostly right handed turns so she rarely has to wait. A good thing for Katie because she likes to race the P-line (this line services the same stops as the Q except in the opposite direction.) As we arrived to campus, Katie beat the P-line!


Katie is a sushi lover (we bonded over this.) We discussed a few places around Davis that serve great sushi and she explained that Mikuni in downtown Davis is her favorite sushi spot. Katie was a doll during the interview; I wanted to stuff her in my pocket and take her with me! Until next time, have a nice ride.

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