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I make resolutions throughout the year and since January is a trendy time to make resolutions, what with it being a new year and all, I think it’s high time to make another! This year, it is my goal to be intentional about buying local. Davis is packed with ways that I can make this happen: Farmer’s Markets, local book stores, the Co-op or Nugget, and various stores downtown which are generally forgotten when it’s time to purchase a gift. Beyond these store fronted businesses (and I bet you can guess where I’m going with this), so many of our neighbors have their own businesses running via internet from their home. Today we meet Yelena Ivaschenko, owner of Snoozles.

Yelena is from Russia and has lived in Davis for 6 years.  She has 2 girls, ages 7 and 9 who seem to be just as crafty as their mom; I watched the eldest sew a purse together while I interviewed Yelena.  A nutritionist by training, Yelena works for the Buckhorn restaurant in Winters, running their booth at Farmer’s Markets and figuring out nutrition facts when needed. She also teaches cooking classes at Waldorf and in every other free moment she runs “Snoozles” from her home studio.


What is “Snoozles”? 

It is a business started by Yelena 3 years ago when she took up crocheting as a hobby while she was recovering from an accident which took place downtown Davis. Confined to a chair, she began adding fluffy edging to the tights that had been worn thin in the toes by her daughters who kept wearing them outside without shoes. She was soon inundated with compliments and requests from other parents and friends and then an offer to have a booth at the Davis Art Center. Yelena says that her first year selling at the Davis Art Center was just amazing and overwhelming – she had to go home the first night and refresh her entire stock, hanging the freshly tie-dyed, still wet items, out to sell the next day.

Besides the embellished, recycled tights and leggings, Yelena screen prints children’s designs onto clothing. These items are customizable which allows the customer to be able to wear the art of their 3 year old forever!

You can find your own “Snoozles” on etsy at mysnoozles.etsy.com and keep up with shows and sales on Yelena’s blog: “Snoozles and Second Life”.   Want to see some of these items in person and simultaneously support other local businesses? Yelena sells some of her items locally at Sweet Potato Pie in Woodland.

Who do you know that needs a little bit of fairy outfitting? Join me in supporting yet another local seller, and good luck sticking to your resolutions this year!


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