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On the Eco-Friendly Bus

Alex Taylor

Hola! Today’s random rider is Alex Taylor. Alex is a bus service trainer. Thanks to him our bus drivers get us safely to our destinations!

Alex is a recent UC Davis graduate. He majored in wildlife, fish and conservation biology and is a former intern of the Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology. When he isn’t training bus drivers, Alex takes to the skies. He nonchalantly mentioned that he takes flying lessons at a local airport. The roads and the skies need to make room for Alex!

One of the things that Alex likes best about his job has to do with the types of buses he drives to train drivers. He loves the vintage double-decker buses. Alex explained that of the three older double-decker buses, two run on diesel and one runs on compressed natural gas. What’s even more special is that the bus that runs on compressed natural gas is the only one of its kind in the world.


Alex encourages anyone who’s interested in becoming a bus driver to apply. As a bus driver, you have unique opportunities, especially when it comes to acquiring managerial positions.

In high school, Alex was involved in cross country and he runs on a regular basis (this guy has every mode of transportation covered.)  If there was transportation royalty in Davis, Alex would be a duke. Until next time, have a nice ride.

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