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Big Irish Shindigs

Hola! Today’s random rider is Janaye Pierce. She’s a fourth year at UC Davis and an English major with a minor in education. I met Janaye on an especially gloomy and windy day; however, the interview was nothing short of spirited and warm.

Janaye Pierce

Janaye and I were pleasantly surprised to learn that we are both originally from two small towns that border each other. Janaye is from Lemoore, CA, while I’m from Hanford, CA. On the subject of hometowns, I asked Janaye about the types of holiday parties she and her family enjoy. She said that her family is prone to “big Irish shindigs.”

Janaye jokes that her mom is really intense about ham. Like really intense. But it always turns out well, so it’s okay! Janaye also told me about her family’s tradition of throwing a special party dedicated to decorating the Christmas tree.

Janaye enjoys walking around scenic Davis and getting coffee with friends. Like many UC Davis students, she’s currently battling finals and the stress that comes with it. Hang in there! Until next time, have a nice ride.


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