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Autumn Leaves in Davis

Hi.  I’m walking Bob, and after 35 years in Southern California I had pretty well forgotten about the beauty of the changing of the seasons that has added so much color to Davis in recent weeks.  When I started to write this article, it was even more colorful, but the recent winds did their best to blow the leaves away before my camera and I could capture the rainbow of colors on so many streets around town.

Davis has evergreens, palm trees, and trees whose leaves go directly from green to dead brown to gone, but my favorites are the trees that are often two or three different colors at once.  It’s even more beautiful when a series of different kinds of trees that were green all year suddenly start showing off their colors.  Fifth Street is one street that I’ve really come to enjoy with its variety of trees that understand that autumn is their prime time to show off.

I remember the first time I drove up the coast through Big Sur.  At first I stopped at almost every curve to take another photograph of the ocean, the cliffs, the trees, the winding road and the sheer beauty. I soon realized that I’d never reach my destination if I didn’t start doing more driving and less photographing.  Walking around town recently, I had the same feeling as I kept taking pictures of amazing orange and yellow and red leaves, each more beautiful than the ones a block away.  I can usually do the three-mile walk from my house downtown in 45 minutes, but the view has slowed me down lately.

I was sad to see so many of the leaves blown off the trees a few days later, but then I looked down at the ground I discovered another treasure chest, or I should say treasure pile of leaves.  Some of the piles were random collections of leaves from neighboring trees while others were clearly the work of gardeners and homeowners.  The piles gave autumn a second round and the mixtures of leaves made for even more colorful combinations.

The piles of leaves just begged for some young boy or girl, or some wannabe youth, to jump in and scatter the leaves again, but I resisted.  The winds were doing enough of that on their own.  Besides, some of the piles showed attempts at covering things that the folks at Davis Waste Removal don’t like seeing mixed in with green waste, like fruit and pumpkins so I wasn’t sure what I’d be jumping into.

Christmas lights are starting to pop and they are beginning to steal the show from the colorful leaves.   Although I know that Derrick Bang has fully finished putting together his amazing Christmas extravaganza,  there is still time to catch the last of the leaves. Davis does have seasons, so enjoy them.  Get out there and enjoy the autumn leaves before autumn leaves.




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