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9 Hot “Staying Fit” Tips

The holidays are always about food, family, and celebration, with emphasis on the food. Yes, tis the season of ultra-caloric temptations at every gathering that can easily derail the sacred workout schedule of even the most dedicated fitness fanatic. We are often asked how we manage to stay in shape during the holidays, and while it’s a challenge for all of us, here are our favorite tips to keep things merry, bright, and reasonably fit amid all manner of seasonal challenges:

9. Mark your workouts on a calendar

Writing your workouts on a calendar can not only help you track your progress, but can also hold you accountable to your fitness plan.

8. Make workouts a family gathering

Put the kids on their bikes, the dog on a leash, Aunt Sally into her most comfortable shoes and take the herd for a walk. Or even a run if Aunt Sally’s has shoes from Fleet Feet. Not only will workouts be a great way to bond, but involving the whole family can help instill a lifetime of healthy habits in your kids.

7. Sign up for a training group.

An instant group of running buddies, coaches, and new friends to hold you accountable and motivate you achieve your goals!

6. Fill out a Fleet Feet wish list.

Fill out a Wish List Card at Fleet Feet Davis and then send your friends and family in to the store for their holiday shopping! Get the latest in fitness shoes and apparel and kick start your fitness looking good.

5. Make your New Year’s resolutions BEFORE January 1st.

This is the holiday season where you get in shape to stay in shape! Start your workout routine now so you can hit the ground running on day one of 2012.

4. Be thankful that you don’t live in Syracuse.

No offense to our upstate New York friends but Syracuse gets over 110 inches of snow per year! Make the most of our California zip code and spend some time outside working up a sweat in the mild winter weather.

3. Make a date

Make plans to work out with a friend – not only will you get some quality time in with a pal, but when you have someone waiting for you, it’s easier to get out of the house and go for a run.

2. Sign up for a race!

There is nothing like a deadline and some good old-fashioned fear to get you motivated. Sign up for a January or February race that might be outside your current comfort zone (like the Davis Stampede Half-Marathon set for early February). Not only will you be training toward a goal, but the fear that comes along with a new distance or event will motivate you to get your behind out the front door!

1. Explore your greenbelts!

Ever wonder what all the miles of the Davis greenbelt really look like? Now’s your time to find out! Get out and explore the 60-plus miles of greenbelts within the city of Davis. If you have yet to see the giant dominoes in North Davis, the old pump house in South Davis, or the burrowing owls that live along the Wild Horse Agricultural Buffer, it’s high time to make this the winter you experience the natural beauty of Davis!

Happy holidays to one and all. May the joy of being healthy and fit make every season merry and bright!

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