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Rominger West Wine, Food & Song

Hi.  I’m walking Bob, and since I live east of East Davis, I do appreciate having some places that I can walk to in ten minutes or less.  One spot that is always welcoming, especially on Thursday nights, is the Rominger West Winery at 4602 Second Street, just up the street from George’s Garden at the Mace Boulevard end of Second Street.

Davis native Mark West was a biochemist doing research with grapes and winemaking who decided to become a winemaker himself.  Working in Napa he got to know Winters grape grower Charlie Rominger and the two felt that the combination of Charlie’s grapes and Mark’s winemaking ability would create some special wines.  Despite some early setbacks that included a fire that destroyed most of their 2005 wine and Charlie’s death after a long battle with cancer, Bruce and Rick Rominger have kept the grapes coming and Mark has developed a wide variety of wines that are waiting to be tasted and purchased here in Davis.

The 10,000 square foot Rominger West building is located at 4602 Second Street at the Mace Boulevard end of Second Street, near George’s Garden and Target.  They moved into this busy multipurpose building in 2006 with the winery, The Tasting Room, the bottled wine warehouse and the business office all in one location.  They are open for wine tasting from noon to six p.m. on Monday through Saturday.

On Thursdays from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., the facility converts into a concert venue with regional entertainers providing the music and local caterers and restaurants providing the food.  The Greg Willet jazz trio, shown here, performed on November 3 with tasty offerings from Sarah Clanton’s Stone Soup Catering complementing the wine.  November 10 will bring the Mike Justis Band and food from Caffe Italia.

Mark West himself has a strong background in music, including four years as a percussionist for the California Marching Band from UC Berkeley and several years as the drummer for Blue Plate Special, a local band that could often be seen at Farmer’s Market and other local venues a few years back.

Back in July in Woody, Will, Misner & Smith, I wrote about another local group that appeared at this unique venue.  Misner & Smith will be back for an encore performance on November 17 with food again provided by Stone Soup Catering.  Don’t be surprised to see Megan Smith’s mom offering up Misner & Smith CD’s for purchase at the event.  Local wine, local food, local art and local musicians sounds like a great set of reasons to stop by.




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