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Random Rider goes to SF

Hola! Today’s random rider is Cameron Burkhart. I met Cameron on the train while on my way to San Francisco. Cameron was on his way home to Brentwood from Chico State and was nice enough to let me interview him despite the fact that it wasn’t even 7am yet when we met on the train!

Cameron is a third-year at Chico State and plans to major in criminal justice. He wants to become a police officer and frequently watches crime shows like Cops and CSI. Cameron and I realized that we share a mutual love for the character of Gil Grissom and his oh so witty remarks.

Cameron Burkhart

Cameron is originally from Woodland but moved to Brentwood as an adolescent. Because he lived so close to Davis, Cameron knows downtown Davis well. Davis is a beautiful town; although, going out can sometimes get pricey for a college student.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so I asked Cameron what his favorite Thanksgiving dish is and he described what I can only call the ultimate holiday sandwich. Cameron takes half a bun, stacks mash potatoes, gravy, and stuffing and then places the other half of the bun atop this delicious mountain. Yum! Like most college students, going home—especially during holidays like Thanksgiving—is a chance to eat savory meals for free.

Who does a Davis-ite meet on a trip from Davis to San Francisco? A funny and laid-back college student like Cameron. Cameron is no longer a stranger on a train, instead he is a nice guy with an affinity for cop dramas. Until next time, have a nice ride.


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