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The most common question that I am asked is what I look for when photographing people. Do I like hipsters in rucksacks and oxfords? Do I like hypebeasts in fitteds and high tops? Yes and yes. Yes and no. No and no. There are definitely objective components to an outfit, but there are no set formulas that one must go by to portray a great look. Proportions, patterns, and fits are only half of the picture. Great pieces put together are useless if the wearers do not hold themselves properly. There is an element of character and, of course, swag.

My Phuong Ho is pictured in the Death Star with a few essentials to get her through the day. They are as much a part of her outfit as her classic and necessary Speedy.

Kris Te uses an athletic bag for his studies. Cuffing and proportions are great as well.

Zahara Finder caught my eye even in camo. Slightly beaten military boots have a nice, realistic feel.

Joseph Nolasco has a relaxed, but structured fit. His Supreme t-shirt and G-Shock/In4mation watch add a fun touch.

Chen Guo is bright during the fall. It is an odd mixture of colors, patterns, and textures that still work.


Aggie Swag is back!

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