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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sergei

Sergei Shubin

Hola! Today’s random rider is Sergei Shubin. Sergei is an economics major and community & regional development minor at UC Davis. He is pre-law and hopes to attend Stanford Law School but jokingly says that he’ll apply “everywhere” and anywhere.

Sergei instantly greeted me with a warm smile when I plotted myself next to him on the bus. He was very friendly and open during the entire interview.

Sergei's warm smile!

Halloween is just a couple of days away and I thought I’d ask Sergei if he had any plans. Unfortunately, he has to work all Halloween day and he admits that as he’s grown older he lost some of the Halloween spirit. Alas, Sergei reminisced about dressing up as one of the three musketeers as a child. He does, however, like the Dixon corn maze and the adventure it offers him and his friends in the fall.

Sergei noted what a shame it was that adults lose focus of fun holidays like Halloween. Children are full of Halloween excitement and are enthusiastic to dress up. Adults are happy just “putting pumpkins” outside their door. I suggested that he dress up as a nurse during Halloween weekend. I don’t think he’ll comply.

After the interview, Sergei and I chatted about school, stress, pheromones, and the meaning of life. Typical college stuff. Upon arriving to campus, we jumped off the bus, I took some pictures of him, and then we rushed off to class. I threw him a big friendly wave from twenty feet away and soon after we watched each other disappear into crowds of college students. Sergei you are no longer a stranger on a bus instead you are a future lawyer and my new friend! Until next time, have a nice ride.

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