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Moms on the Run

Ellie May, Paige, and Emmitt James

Now that we are in the month of September, many families have sent their kids back to school. Here at Fleet Feet we like to remember the moms who make it all happen. Of course that’s not to say we aren’t ready to help the kids go back to school – we have running shoes for kids too – but we want to talk about what motivates our Fleet Feet moms to run. First up, let’s meet Paige!

Paige and her husband, Jake, all dolled up for a wedding.

Paige Ferguson-Allen is a Fleet Feet employee, Running for Women coach, and mom of two. Paige started competing in a junior track club out of Sacramento at age 8. Motivated by her love of being outside (she grew up in the country), she ran through high school (Yuba City High School) and college (Bemidji State University in Minnesota), and straight to North Carolina, where her husband (whom she met during their college days) was stationed.

Running helped Paige cope with the stress of her husband’s deployments (multiple deployments to various countries in four years), and with homesickness while living far from her family back in California.

Emmitt James and Jake in North Carolina

Two kids and a cross country move later, Paige is still running. No longer “competing,” now she runs for herself and for her family. She enjoys running for time, rather than distance, and tries to squeeze it in where ever she can between her kids’ ice hockey practices, swimming, and of course, work.  An avid interval runner, she was able to run (and coach!) through both her pregnancies.

When she pushes her kids the jogging stroller (BOB – purchased at Fleet Feet, of course!) it provides an excellent bonding experience, and some special one on one time with mom. As an employee of Fleet Feet and Running for Women coach, she is surrounded by a “great group of women who keep [her] motivated, and offer parenting advice – like don’t lose your kid. “ Always an important bit of wisdom!

Paige and Ellie May

Paige’s mom is also a runner and a running for women coach. This works out well, as they can combine their love of running with some quality mother-daughter time. Even her husband gets in on the workout, joining her for long runs in the country. Paige is in the store most days of the week, and is always happy to answer questions about footwear, apparel, or accessories.

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