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Moms on the Run – Part 3

Sammie and Chris H.

Our third look into the life and running of Fleet Feet moms brings us a different, but even more inspiring, kind of story. Let’s meet Chris H! Chris Hartsfield is a Fleet Feet employee and mom of three.  She started running with Running for Women in January of 2010. She joined the class with her sister, and said she really struggled.  She gave it another try in January of 2011, and “fell in love!”

Left to Right: Taylor, Sammie, and Ryan

Chris’ mom is a runner and she always wanted to join her, however, when her kids were younger it was hard to find the time to get out and run. When her daughter became sick, it truly became impossible to find the time to get away for a workout. In hindsight, Chris wishes she had started running during that time, because it “would have helped [her] cope better with the full time caretaker situation [she] was in.”

Now, Chris runs for Sammie. When Sammie passed away at the age of 12, she missed out on so many of life’s great experiences. When Chris needs motivation, she thinks about Sammie’s surgeries and the pain she endured, and it “slaps me back into reality – no need for whining when you have a life still to live…” Chris runs for her Sammie, and feels her with every step.

Sammie and Big Sister Taylor

As a Fleet Feet employee, Chris has found a place to stay motivated and embrace her love of running. She says she enjoys being around all the positive energy and healthy lifestyles. She loves the opportunity to learn new things every day, and then get the opportunity to share them with our customers. As a participant in Running for Women, Chris enjoys feeling “powerful and loved” all at the same time!

Ryan and big sister Sammie

Chris brings a unique perspective to running. She says it has helped her in the grief process, enabling her to get stuff worked out in her head, and makes her feel better in every aspect of her life. As a running mom, Chris offers this bit of sound advice: “Anyone that is hurting should try to walk our run…every day it feels better and better!”

A few members of the Hartsfield Family supporting Woodland High

Chris H. is in the store most days of the week. You are most likely to find her with a smile on her face, helping people find the best shoes, apparel, and accessories for whatever their fitness goals. Next time you come to Fleet Feet, don’t forget to say hi to Chris H.


Sammie Hartsfield has a powerful and lasting legacy. Each spring Team Sammie hosts a stuffed animal drive for children staying in the hospital. Check out an earlier DLM blog post on Sammie’s Bunny Run and Drive and contact teamsammie@yahoo.com for more information.

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