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Moms on the Run – Part 2

The Gregg Family in 2011

In our second installment of Fleet Feet “Moms who Run,” let’s meet Carolee. Carolee Gregg is a fixture in the town of Davis. She is the Running for Women coordinator at Fleet Feet, coaches the Summerdarts Swim Team, is married to Bill Gregg (coach of the DHS XC Team), and is a mother of four very active kids/adults! The Gregg family is known for being active, and Carolee is certainly no exception.

Left to Right: Bill, Carolee, Bryce (in front), Kaitlin, Brendan, and Kallie.

Carolee comes from a swimming background, and took the very first Running for Women class offered, back when her almost 11 year old was one and in a baby jogger. She had run off and on earlier, but that class was the first time she started running consistently.  Carolee started running because she “had 4 kids, an excess of 40 pounds, and wanted the exercise.”  Carolee’s situation as a running mom is different than most. Running pretty much defines her family, and being surrounded by runners didn’t hurt her motivation to take up the sport as well. In addition to her husband, her kids have run in high school, college, and now, professionally.

L to R: Bryce and Brendan (representing Stanford's XC team), Kaitlin racing for New Balance Silicon Valley (after a stellar career at UCD), and Kaitlin and Brendan wearing the DHS colors in 2004


With four kids, work, and exercise Carolee is busy. Her family very much encourages her running. The first time she ran 10 miles, the first phone calls she made were to her oldest, Kaitlin, and second oldest, Brendan. They were thrilled for their mom (and rightly so!). The fact that their mom loves running is another way for them to bond as a family because it is (according to mom), “pretty much the most important part of their lives.” Carolee’s younger kids encourage her as well, and her youngest sometimes joins her on runs (though he is getting faster than mom) or bikes with older sister Kaitlin on her runs when she is in town.

As the Running for Women coordinator, Fleet Feet offers Carolee endless motivation! She says that ss a coach she needs to run even when she doesn’t really feel like it to keep up with her classes.  While Carolee is not looking to transition into the life of a professional runner anytime soon, she is thrilled to support her family and looks forward to training for a half-marathon injury-free! If you have questions about Running for Women, getting started, or fitting in a busy family-life with your running, Carolee is the woman to talk to!


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