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Urban Goddesses

Hello again! This next interview, found me sitting outside Bistro 33, on a sunny day waiting to meet the two lovely ladies that make up Urban Goddess Designs. I originally thought that perhaps the outside setting would be too warm for an interview, but as Misty and Lisa arrived I quickly changed my mind. With them they brought a big black box which held about 10 trays of their beautiful hand worked glass pendants, some containing sparkling crystals. This sunny day was the perfect venue to show off their wares.

Misty Reed and Lisa Novotny met as co-workers 10 years ago and created their business, Urban Goddess Designs, 3 years ago. They create pre-made and custom hand worked glass pendants and other jewelry. They both take part in the creation of the pendants and jewelry, adding details unique to each artist, and each with their own specialties. Lisa is the main lady when it comes to making and decorating the glass pieces with gems, while Misty is currently expanding her business in graphic design and helping with the glass making. They had expected that their jewelry and pendants would appeal to a small audience, but soon found that people from all market demographics found their work appealing.  I saw proof of this: over the course of our interview, 5 different people approached our table just to admire the sparkling pendants – all walked away with business cards.

The Urban Goddesses have great ideas for their pendants and jewelry and my favorite is their idea of making the heart shaped, gem clad pendants for Moms, instead of having birthstone rings made for them. They take special orders which can include color, size, and shape of glass, and how many and what gems one would like included on the glass.



I had a lovely time chatting with these two ladies and taking so many pictures of the pieces that it has been difficult to choose which to include in the article!


So please, go check out the rest of the items they have listed on Etsy, or you can see them at these upcoming shows:



September – 2nd Friday Art About – Pence upstairs

September 17th – Shingle Springs – Art Studio

September 24th – Calistogo

More information about the shows can be found on their website at


and here on Etsy:











I hope you enjoy their pendants as much as I’m enjoying mine!!



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