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The Yolo County Fair

Hi.  I’m Walking Bob, and I want to honor the inspiration of two young Davis Life Magazine columnists who gave me the idea for this entry on The Yolo County Fair. Emma Soberano does a column known as “10,000 words” that tells stories of Davis residents and events solely through photographs.  Elizabeth Caravati’s “Say yes to . . . ” column has her trying things she’s never done.

Both columns seem to have been liberating for their authors, so I thought I’d honor both of their ideas by saying yes to a column that is photos with only brief snippets of description.  All photos are from the Yolo County Fair, which runs through midnight on Sunday in Woodland.



Those are some tough bubbles!





I can’t watch.







Tempting, but it says “Don’t touch.”





Portraits of the artists as young men and women.





Those tomatoes better hope that pumpkin doesn’t roll.






That kid’s really flashy.







You work in a giant what?







Yolo County’s All-American Midway, but only until Sunday night.


Note: Emma Soberano’s last column was “DaVinci High : Work in Progress” and Elizabeth’s was “Say Yes to Having a Voice” so if you put those titles in the Keywords you can see some of their good work.

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