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Living is Easy

Summertime…you know the song.

Even if you don’t, you understand the sentiment: It’s summertime, life is alright, there’s nothing to cry about.  It was a lovely “lullaby” written by George and Ira Gershwin, originally for the musical Porgy and Bess. It quickly became a jazz standard and has been professionally recorded over 2600 times since 1936.

What does Gershwin have to do with Etsy sellers in Davis? Well, Davis Etsians do not “take it easy” during the summer – they are working their creativity and stocking their shops in preparation for the upcoming holidays and for summertime itself. Due to this, I haven’t had a time to meet with any of them this week and so I am going to show each of you readers how fun it is to pick a theme to use in the Etsy search engine, and I hope to amaze you all with the wonderfully artful pieces that our Davis Etsians have listed.

First though, I feel I should acquaint you a bit with the lyrics, or at least those on which my search will focus:

Summertime, and the living is easy.

Fish are jumping, and the Cotton is high

Your Daddy’s rich, and Mama’s good lookin’

So, Hush little baby, don’t you cry”…

  1. Search: Summertime; 154 items found locally
  2. Search: Cotton; 60 items found locally
  3. Search: fish; 24 items found locally
  4. Search: baby; 105 items found locally

With my finds, I have created a “Treasury”, which is a neat little tool on Etsy that allows Etsy users to be creative with other Etsy user’s items; grouping them together artistically, or just by the makers favorites. If you go to the front page of the Etsy site, the first thing that you will encounter is a Treasury that has been so popular, that it has made the front page. Each Etsy user longs to have his/her’s treasury on the main page, but alas, most of the many thousands of them are viewed only by a small group of fans. My creation of this treasury is merely to show you a grouping of the items I happened upon in my “Summertime” themed search, I hope you enjoy!

If you are interested in browsing through Davis Etsy shops, we have started to group together and created a Davis based Etsy team so that we can share ideas, both business and craft. The team can be found on Etsy by searching under Teams for DavisUnited or by visiting the team blog at http://davisunited.blogspot.com/. There is a list of team members in the left sidebar of that site and you can access each member’s Etsy shop by clicking on his/her shop name.

Until next time, happy browsing!

*the banner includes items from another Treasury based on Davis artists, you can find that one Here.

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