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When Oil and Clay Evolve

Two Shoes

Hello DLM Readers!

My name is Rebecca and I am happy to be here as the new Local Etsy informant for Davis Life Magazine!  I will start this first story by letting you in on a little secret: I have a wee bit of an obsession with Etsy.com.

Have you been there? Have you visited there innocently enough, looking for a handmade item, just to find something unique as a gift for a friend and then suddenly it’s 3 hours later and you’ve built a collection of favorites and started dreaming about all of the crafty things you yourself could make?!

No? Hm. Well, let me start here then:

One day, while I was experiencing said time-eater, I happened upon a little button on the left of my browser which said “Local” and lo and behold you can click this button and search for Etsians in our very own Davis! Thus, supporting crafty people who are not only amazing, but LOCAL! Fulfilling two lovely, community sustaining shopping practices.

Today I interview Lauren Brandy, who besides being a self proclaimed domestic engineer for her husband and 2 girls, runs not just one, but TWO shops on Etsy.com.

Lauren’s first shop, Two Shoes Studio has been up and running for about a year and is made up of oil and watercolor paintings. This painting of the wellies, is just a perfect portrait of what all of our entry way’s still look like, in JUNE this year. Lauren says “I love to paint and I love shoes. Putting them together was very natural…” and really, as soon as you see the shop, you will know why it is names “Two shoes”. Don’t be fooled though, you will find more than just paintings of shoes in her etsy shop. Lauren claims that she finds inspiration in the very landscape and horizon of Davis; There are beautiful vignettes of birds and sunsets and just every day, lovely things that can be found just outside your own house. Perhaps seeing the landscape through Lauren’s paintings will make it all the more beautiful to you.

Lauren’s second shop, Alluvial is a peaceful, neutral, and somewhat abstract departure from painting. Lauren took geology and other science classes in college and says she “loved the idea of incorporating clay, wood and natural elements into [her] pieces, much like the alluvial sediment deposited downstream in the delta.”

The jewelry, being made of clay, wood, and other natural items, looks as though it might be heavy and not so comfortable to wear. However, when you pick them up, they’re light as a feather and just gorgeously raw with their unglazed stone look.

The profile of her shop has this quote, and I think it sets the mood perfectly for what you will see in her pieces there: “In the alluvial sweep of the land, I thought I could see the past and the present and the future all at once, as though time were not sequential in nature but took place without a beginning or an end, like a flash of green light rippling outward from the center of creation..” James Lee Burke

If you’d like to see Lauren’s “Two Shoes Studio”paintings and “Alluvial” elements off the screen and in person,you can find some of them for sale at Haute Again at 129 E street, ste B1 – between Sophia’s and the Thai Canteen.   Lauren is willing to show paintings by appointment as well and plans to take part in the Annual Sale at Davis Art Center this December.

It’s been lovely to meet and find out more about this local artist. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I look forward to interviewing another Davis Etsian in two weeks. See you then!

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