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Natural Folds

Hello again!   I’m glad to be back this week to report on my latest Etsy lurkings.

Today we’re meeting with another Davis Etsy seller – Karen Hornsten, who runs a shop called Graceline Paper Studio.

Karen worked in Education for 15 years in Minnesota and moved out here to Davis to be near family. She started this shop in attempt to have a craft business that she could run from home.  After a year, and sales to all coasts of the U.S, France, England, Australia and Switzerland, I’d say that Karen has been successful in her attempt!

What, might you ask does she make? Kusudama flowers. These are lovely paper flowers, made in traditional origami style to which Karen has added her own touch by embellishing with stems, stamens, beads and beautifully embellished paper. She’s added custom punching and other small little changes to the papers to make them more natural and interesting, as well as very unique. The papers she uses are sometimes bought in local craft stores, sometimes from other Etsy sellers, and sometimes recycled from novels and sheet music, but her favorite paper medium is the vellum paper because of it’s transparent look. The flowers sell as wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, and even as mobiles to enjoy hanging around the house (these are my favorite).


Besides making kusudama flowers, which can be tedious when filling large orders, Karen enjoys spending time with her grandchildren (12 total!), and spending time in her garden. She finds a lot of inspiration in nature and enjoys taking photographs hoping to one day print her own paper to incorporate in the flowers.

Before Graceline Paper Studio, Karen sold original oil paintings, but the stress involved in being commissioned and selling such works made it not fun as a business. The kusudama origami flowers tied easily into Karen’s life because she feels they represent the beauty of nature, love of art, and her deep respect for the Japanese people who originally created them.



If you’d like to check out her work, you can find her on Etsy at Gracelinepaperstudio and you can read more about her creative process on her blog: gracelinepaperstudio.wordpress.com.

You might just find the perfect flowers to fit your life!

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