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Monterey Seal Pups

If you feel like you’re melting quicker than the Wicked Witch of the West, you are not alone! Why not take a break from the fans, freeze pops, and pools to go on a weekend trip to Monterey? I went last weekend for a one night stay and the change in weather and environment was so refreshing. The drive was only approximately 5 hours round trip – with the 4th of July rush. Best of all, young harbor seals are out and about, playing in the waves along the shore. You can get a great view of them at the beaches along the 17 Mile Drive from Monterey to Carmel.

Hotels.com has rates as low as $89 for rooms in Monterey this weekend. The forecast predicts temperatures in the low 60’s. Is it time for a getaway? If you do end up going, I definitely recommend a stop at the Crown & Anchor British pub and restaurant in Old Town Monterey. The crowd consists of fun locals and tourists of all ages and the ambiance is fantastic!

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