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What Was Your Resolution?

New Year’s Resolutions…who remembers them in July? Last January, Time Magazine reported that the top 10 most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions are:

1.       Lose weight and get fit

2.       Quit smoking

3.       Learn something new

4.       Eat healthier and diet

5.       Get out of debt

6.       Spend more time with family

7.       Travel to new places

8.       Be less stressed

9.       Volunteer

10.   Drink less

Now that we’re half-way through the year, it’s a good time to take stock of your resolutions, both those that still are and maybe those that were. While most of the above list are beyond our area of expertise, the people of Fleet Feet Sports stand ready to assist help you get back on top of numbers one, three, and eight.


There’s nothing like a testimonial from someone who’s been there: “This was my early birthday present to myself (No Boundaries 5K Training). That first week I thought ‘no way will I be able to do this.’ Monday was my birthday and Saturday I completed the 5k without stopping once.”

Fleet Feet Sports is proud to offer training programs for runners, run/walkers and walkers – from beginners to more experienced athletes.  Whether your goal is to complete your first 5k, complete your first half or full marathon (or improve your time from the last one), Fleet Feet Davis has a plan for you.  Our training groups begin at various times throughout the year and offer coached workouts, new friends, fun incentives, and provide a great way to hold yourself accountable to reaching your fitness goals.

We have a wide variety of training programs beginning in July and August, from Beginning Women’s only groups to co-ed 5K and 10K groups, and of course, our popular half-marathon training group. Visit our website to check out the list of training programs and for registration information.


In addition to our training programs, Fleet Feet Davis hosts a variety of events throughout the year to provide motivation and education on topics relating to running and fitness. Next up is an evening with Trigger Point, Monday, June 27th at 7pm. Okay, so maybe Trigger Point doesn’t sound like a hot date, but your sore muscles, tendons, ligaments, and assorted other hard-working components inside your body will be thrilled. Join us for a fun and informative evening focusing on injury prevention and self-massage using Trigger Point Therapy tools for self-myofascial release. Don’t know what that means? Well, come learn and experience what trigger point therapy can do for you, and help prevent of those nagging running injuries like plantar fasciitis, IT Band problems, and more!

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Everyone knows that exercise can relieve stress. The folks at the Mayo Clinic actually proved it.

  • It pumps up your endorphins. Physical activity helps to bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. This is often referred to as the “runners high.”
  • It’s meditation in motion. After a hard workout, you’ll often find that you’ve forgotten the day’s irritations and concentrated only on your body’s movements. As you begin to regularly shed your daily tensions through movement and physical activity, you may find that this focus on a single task, and the resulting energy and optimism, can help you remain calm and clear in everything that you do.
  • It improves your mood. Regular exercise can increase self-confidence and lower the symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety. Exercise also can improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress, depression and anxiety. All this can ease your stress levels and give you a sense of command over your body and your life.

So, if you want to lose weight, get fit, learn something new, and be less stressed, it starts at Fleet Feet Davis. Then next January, you can look forward to a shorter list of New Year’s Resolutions.

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