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Finals Week Approaches

Carly, Edith, and Masako

Hola! Today’s random riders are Carly, Edith, and Masako. I met these three lovely ladies as they were waiting to board a bus. Carly, Edith, and Masako are seniors and will be graduating soon. Carly will be receiving a degree in History, Edith in Linguistics and Spanish, and Masako in Bio-chemistry and Japanese. They met in a drama class and form quite an impressive group of smart young ladies!


Finals week is looming over UCD students; it officially begins Saturday the fourth and ends Thursday the ninth. Because of this, the subject of the interview revolved around finals week. I asked Carly, Edith, and Masako to describe how the anxiety of finals week affects them and how they deal with it. Carly explained that her outlet is food. She commented that during finals week cooking meals makes her feel like she is“wasting time.” Carly laughs as she lists some of the things she eats during finals: Mcdonalds, candy, and chocolate.

Edith admits that when it comes to finals week she loves “getting a a good laugh.” However, this sometimes means surfing the web while ignoring schoolwork. But Edith explains that her “mind” needs “exercise” so it must not be stuck on schoolwork all the time.



Masako describes her past quarters as being characterized by a lack of sleep and food. Masako pointed out that in the past, her stress level was quite high but she wants to relax since it is her last quarter and just try her best.

I asked the ladies if they had any advice for fellow students dealing with the stress of finals (I too am a victim of finals week stress). Carly suggests that students try to subdue their consumption of caffeine. Edith advices that those suffering from stress let their minds wander and relax for a bit, while Masako simply says “take a nap.”



When it comes to finals week everyone has different ways to deal with the stress. This group of young ladies were kind enough to share how they interact with the anxieties of finals week. The tests, the essays, ah!

No longer are these women strangers on a bus, but students who have survived finals week and will survive this last finals week. Carly, Edith, and Masako, this is your last quarter so make sure that while you’re fighting stress you relish the anxiety a bit because it will be the last time you’ll feel this type of pressure as an undergraduate. Until next time, have a nice ride.

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