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Preppy basics always seem to make an outfit work, whether they are suited up to the best proportions or paired with sneakers and loosely fit.  A tight-fitting pair of slacks, a tucked-in button-up, or a heavy rain jacket can be paired with the most mundane pieces to achieve a look that is still very clean and put together, without the aggravations of being uncomfortable in the library.

Andrew Castillo, perhaps one of the most best dressed men in Davis, kills it again with his second appearance on Aggie Swag.  He sports subtle pops of patterns and colors on top of neutral tones with great accessories and proportions.

Carson Young layers different colors and patterns for a fun fit in this bipolar weather.

The student on his cell phone mixes a classic Ralph Lauren button-up with an odd pair of Toms.  His cuffing makes capris actually look good.

Gina Choe takes clean basic pieces and puts them together for a comfortable fit that is not too slouchy.  This is a great way to dress down with your heavy trench coats without looking oddly put together.

This will be the last of winter clothing for a while.  Don’t hide at home with the air conditioner during Davis’ hot summer, as Aggie Swag will be on the lookout!

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