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Saturday in the Park(way)…

Parkway Runners Before the Race

On Saturday, April 30th, Fleet Feet Davis Training Group participants completed the American River Parkway Half-Marathon. The weather was lovely, albeit a little windy, and the runners had a great time! It may seem like Fleet Feet is always talking about different training groups, races, events, etc. That’s because we do so many of them! We love helping runners accomplish their goals, and it is great to be able to showcase their achievements.

The training group participants, coaches, friends, and family met at 7:15am on race morning at the race start to take some pre-race photos…

Left to Right: Karen, Michelle, Kelly, Sarah, Daphne: Runner Girls!

This group of ladies met during Fleet Feet’s California International Marathon Training this past fall. These women completed the Marathon and have continued to run together with Fleet Feet Training.

L to R: Cathy and Eleanor - 5k Coaches, Runners, and Friends

Cathy and Eleanor are Fleet Feet Half-Marathon Training Group participants, Fleet Feet No Boundaries 5K Coaches, and great running friends! These two have completed half-marathons together, coached together, and enjoy running together. They think races are more about chatting than “racing,” but the important thing is that they had a great time!

Family Support is Key on Race Day!

Training for a distance race is no easy task, and it is important to have the support of family and friends. These two lovely women (who have participated in Fleet Feet Training Groups in the past) were out on Saturday to support their husbands.  Farid (left) and Seth (right) were all smiles on race morning surrounded by supportive family and friends.

Once the race got started, the coaches/photographers headed onto the course. We stopped around mile 5.5 (near Guy West Bridge and CSUS) to take some pictures of the runners. We were greeted with hand waves, smiles, and good, old-fashioned fist pumps!

Some runners met family members on the course, and some had enough fun on their own!

Bud (left) and Lisa (right) raise their fists in the air!


Some smile while on the run, others are all focus.

Running is a family affair for the Petersens.

The Petersen family has participated in many training groups, and Kayla (left, daughter – on her way to an age group win) and Kim (right, mom) came out for our 2011 Parkway Training.  Tom Petersen, (dad and husband) missed out on this round of training due to soccer coaching obligations – the Petersens are an active bunch! Although they run at different paces, Kim and Kayla enjoy the training and the camaraderie of the group. Plus, any amount of mother-daughter bonding is always fun!

Fleet Feet Davis wants to congratulate all the American River Parkway Half-Marathon runners!

Are you interested in joining a Fleet Feet Training Group?  Click >>here fore more information.

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