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Odd Eighth

This weekend Whole Earth Festival took place on campus grounds, breeding a site for the eccentric and putting together an eclectic mix of people.  Regardless of style, everyone photographed had something that stood out and passed an objective check-list that must be fulfilled for any genre of clothing.

Yihua Shi’s shirt was an overwhelming garden of white flowers.  Pairing it with a subtly patterned skirt and a simple backpack was a good way to tone it down while having it still be the piece of much talk.

Saira Malik was a walking contradiction.  Her beautiful ethnic orange piece did not go too well with that Icee.

Earl Garcia put blue and yellow together, but did not overwhelm us with color.

Brandon Liebert made his trek to Davis with a backpack and a stick.  Fringed shorts usually are not so great, but his loose fit was practical and did not make his figure look smaller, which tends to happen when people drown in their clothing.

Eun Kang Kim’s proportions, layering, and color choices were perfect.  That blazer gave her a sophisticated silhouette.

Kiara Reed brought out her summer dress.  Note the hair.

It is always possible to look good for an event even when the attire is beaded dreads, cropped t-shirts, tie dye, and bare feet.

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