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Goals and Goals!

Alex Vercelli

Hola! Today’s random rider is Alex Vercelli. Well, today’s rider is actually a bus driver. Alex has been driving big red buses for about three years and although he drives most routes, his favorite is the F-line. Alex explains that the F-line is the most scenic and “beautiful” route. This route covers most of north Davis and includes many aesthetically pleasing homes.

Alex is an animal science major who has big plans to travel the world and a passion for soccer. Quite befittingly, Alex hopes to travel the world as a professional soccer player. Some of his fondest childhood memories have to do with travel and soccer. As a kid, Alex went on a soccer tour to Mexico that inspired him to not only play soccer but to do so on a global level.

Currently, Alex plays for the Sacramento Gold, a semi-pro team from Sac. Check out Alex’s team at http://www.sacramentogoldfc.com/. He plays soccer every single day, goes to school, and holds a job driving buses. Alex must be a dedicated young man to balance so many things.

Besides playing soccer professionally, Alex has what he calls an “infinite” amount of goals. He likes to “set goals high to reach new heights.” Some of his goals include learning how to farm and becoming a master chef. He’s ultimate goal is to one day be a good father. Aw!

Alex was an incredibly polite and kind interviewee. He was a pleasure to talk to and by the end of the interview he turned the tables and asked questions about me.

Alex, don’t let go of that steering wheel! You’re no longer a stranger on a bus, instead a semi-pro soccer player and hopefully soon to be professional player. Your passion for soccer and travel along with your goals are inspiring. Until next time, have a nice ride.

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