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Well-Thought-Out Effortlessness

Long sleeve thermals worn to sleep, untucked button-up shirts, and beat up Doc Martens are the unlikely candidates to become this week’s favorite pieces.  As last minute, overly simple, or oddly put together as these outfits may seem, they are beautiful.  One can only guess how long their wearers spent time to get ready in the morning.

Stacey Gabriel mixes the complex with the simple.  She also adds sunglasses and headbands to her fun bangs.

Chris Lesnett looks like he rolled out of the right side of the bed that morning.

Aria Watson’s proportions are perfect.  Love the uneven cuffing and different-colored shoelaces.

Michele Tordoir keeps it very elegant with the two most important colors.  It was a perfect outfit for her visit to the Pence Gallery.

Jackie Li puts together solid neutral colors.  You can never go wrong with this sort of combination when the shoes are enough of a subtle statement.

Laura Thatcher hid behind her circle scarf for the camera.  Although her shirt is untucked, the outfit is still very clean and accentuates her tall and slim silhouette.

Set your alarms five minutes later!  Perhaps lack of time and effortlessness are the best ways to get the right look.

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