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The Calm Before the Sweats

As this week goes by, the number of well-dressed students will probably dwindle down as their piles of unattended notes will grow just in time for finals.  Embrace these photographs as heavily and unknowingly as her hands hold a heart.

Lauren Norton took a winter blazer and lightly layered it over a simple blouse for the new weather.  Her hair is beautiful!

Aliotsy Andrianarivo puts together an odd mix of colors as well as subtle patterns on his button-up, tie, and cardigan.

Andrew Castillo’s color choice was great!  The waist down screamed winter, but everything else was very much spring.  It was almost as bipolar as our weather.  Can’t miss his flower pin.

Phong Tran was a blue ant.  He was one of the brave few who brought out their Jordan’s on a rainy day.

May Lin finished off her outfit with a slouchy cardigan.  The silhouette from behind caught my eye.  If we were in the arboretum I never would’ve found her.

Good luck on finals, fellow students!  Maybe you’ll run into Mr. Galliano at the 24 trying to start a new career.

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