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Spring Sewn

The new quarter is starting off with warmer weather.  It is finally time to showcase all of the tanks, shorts, and sandals that you bought over winter during the off-season sale, but couldn’t exactly wear yet.

Jessica Stark can finally bring out flower prints.  She has an eclectic mix of colors that work well.  Don’t mind the girl in the back.  I think she’s just a little angry that she hasn’t had much swag since the first post.

Paul Kim deserves praise for his thoughtful proportions.  They are spot-on!  His pair of A.P.C.’s also have great honeycombs behind the knees after months of wear.  I’ve always wanted a pair of raw denim, but my friends told me they would be disgusted if I didn’t wash my jeans in hopes of forming them to perfection.

Daniel Robinson keeps it very simple.

Stephen Jungcl mixes patterns, colors, and textures beautifully.  He was also caught using a belt to keep together all of his books.

Tonhu Do’s pants and oxfords.  Oh, and that shirt hanging from her bag.

Motoki Moriya reminded me of why I enjoy street blogging so much.  The silhouette of the whole outfit is great while the Herschel backpack and Nixon watch add a fun touch.

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