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Simple? Solid.

Floral, abstract, and tribal prints were one of the biggest trends for designers showcasing their spring/summer collections in Paris a few months ago. Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier were just two of the many fashion houses that decided to send down models in patterned dresses and sutis. However, things run a bit differently in Davis. Students do not have the time every morning to match ridiculously complex prints. The solution? Solids. And if you must, stripes and plaids, as they are the easiest patterns to work with. Solids do not have to be boring, though!

Anastasia Zhuravleva, a writer for The Aggie, found it weird to finally be the approached victim. She knew what to do and proceeded to show off her simple outfit by frolicking around the egghead.

Anci Titus puts dead colors into an outfit that is very much alive through her mixture of fabrics.

Perus Cheng’s pink chukkas are almost as distracting as the background he chose to stand in front of, but his fit and proportions are spot on! Each piece speaks for itself, yet they still work together.

Farida Kaghazwala’s bright skirt stuck out like a sore thumb on a winter day in Davis. It was so refreshing to see warm colors and a beautiful white flower stuck in her hair. Pardon the war zone in the background, it’s just the construction of our new Student Community Center.

Philip Yi’s well-fitting slacks tucked into his quilted Bobbie Burns high tops looked great from behind. Cuffing isn’t always necessary! Subtle patchworks are also easy to work with, which is why Chanel’s infamous 2.55 handbag just happens to go with so many outfits.

Amanda Nguyen rotates a few must-needed pieces everyday to make effortlessly great outfits. And yes, the hair is included.

The return of the man bag! Canvas backpacks and handbags are the most practical and still look great. Peter Neeley also chooses similar shades of red wisely.

Imelda Vargas layers a slouchy cardigan over a structured blazer and it surprisingly looks good. It’s such an eclectic mix of colors, constructions, and fits, but it works so well.

There are just too many other factors to consider when putting together an outfit. Prints are a great way to stand out, but they are not always the easiest to work with. Sometimes simple is better!

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