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Who doesn’t LOVE wearing jeans? Don’t we all have “categories” of jeans in our closets? Our day-in-day-out “go-to” denim, the feelin’-good going out on the town dressy jean and the dreaded “rhymes with cat”  jeans that are folded or hanging ready for us to wear….. Denim is quintessentially American – first worn by hardworking laborers, horse-rangling cowboys, and railroad-riding ruffions. Who knew in the late 1800’s that rivets would be replaced with rhinestones in the new millenium? Levi Strauss & Co., Lee and Wrangler have been brands worn by generations of Americans, and over the years Hollywood starlets (think: James Dean and Elvis Presley) and celebrities have helped denim reach the popularity we know today. Bell-bottoms and patch pockets were indicative of denim fashion from the 1960’s.  If you were a child of the 70’s, you may remember Ditto’s and Chemin de Fer jeans. Then, it happened, the 80’s created the era of designer jeans. There was Brooke Shields and her iconic status as the Calvin Klein jeans model. What was she, 14 or 15 years old declaring across billboards and pages of Vogue, “Nobody comes between me and my Calvins”?  Gloria Vanderbilt and Jordache made their way up the denim popularity chart, as did Sergio Valente and other designers who put their name on a label of a back pocket.

The Renew Denim Crew

Manufacturers and retailers watched sales increase. Brands became status symbols. Gap Stores sealed the deal for hip denim style and made a relatively basic look – 501 Blues, for example – very cool.  Remember when Francois Girbaud introduced the stone-washed finish (with residue pebbles in the pockets); or, pigment-dyed jeans in purple, red and blue? Go view early MTV on YouTube to catch some of those looks. Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Fashion editor, featured acid-wash Guess jeans paired with a Christian LaCroix jeweled jacket for her first cover in 1988.  Denim had made the cover of Vogue – that was a first!  During the 90’s conspicuous consumption mellowed and the fashion industry marketed the Casual Friday look.  Designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger capitalized on classic American styles with denim, but Khaki’s were gaining market share in the casual bottom category – especially paired with the crisp white shirt! Since we partied in 1 9 9 9,  American innovation in textiles created new possibilities with denim fabrications, specifically with the addition of spandex (trademark name – Lycra). Stretch denim was born and revitalized a sluggish jeans market. Fashion is cyclical, and trends resurface about every twenty years. Such is the case with a resurgence of new designer labels like Seven For All Mankind, James Jeans, True Religion, Citizens of Humanity and Hudson to name a few. If paying upwards of $150 to $300 for one hot pair of jeans isn’t your idea of a wise spending, don’t despair!  Samantha Ballard, owner of Renew Denim, is the entrepreneur of selling blue jeans in Davis! Ballard’s mission for Renew Denim is to change the way consumers shop for jeans.  In other words, no need to travel to high-end shopping malls to purchase stylish denim. With more than twenty years in the fashion industry, Ballard has been able work with her contacts and negotiate discounted prices from the hottest manufacturers of denim for women and men, and bring those hot buys to Davis. To be very clear, Renew Denim is NOT a used clothing store. “It IS a denim boutique for the new economy,” she told me over coffee at nearby Peet’s downtown. Renew Denim is located at 222 D Street along the cobblestone pathway near Forest Cloud Cafe, Han’s Tailor and The Mustard Seed restaurant. Ballard opened her store on Valentine’s Day 2009.  The business model takes advantage of inventory imbalances from domestic vendors to buy premium denim overstock (as well as vendors’ samples)  and bring customers the very best brands for 40 to 70% off retail prices, day in and day out.  So, where does the “renewed” descriptor fit in? Well, within the merchandise mix are recycled jeans that have been embellished by local design students and artists.  Additionally, artwork, photography, jewelry and accessories are featured “gallery-style” in the store, and is available for purchase. While shopping at Renew Denim, you’ll also find an assortment of yoga wear and apparel from Ann Ferriday – tops, dresses, cardigans and shrugs.  Not only does Renew Denim offer its customers great fashion at amazing prices, Renew Denim has given back to the Davis community and surrounding region. This past holiday season Ballard collaborated with STEAC to develop a promotion benefiting local recipients of that non-profit. Customers were asked to bring in and donate a pair of their used jeans to STEAC, and in return they would receive fifty percent off a pair of new jeans at Renew Denim. The campaign was a huge success and Ballard intends to schedule another similar event in 2011. Renew Denim has been featured on Good Day SacramentoKCRA and Channel 13 News. The Renew Denim crew invites us all to come in and celebrate their 2 Year Anniversary this Friday, February 11th thru Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14th for their Second Annual Warehouse Sale.  Hundreds of pairs of designer jeans have been shipped to the store just for this event, and everything is on sale! To protect the innocent, brand names featured cannot be mentioned. Keep in mind that all jeans are not created equal (in the size department, that is).  “Fits” vary – so, don’t be shy – ask one of the salespeople to assist you on what styles are going to fit your body shape best.  Ladies, it’s similar to finding the perfect bra. You really need to try on a variety of styles and sizes to find the perfect pair for you. Renew Denim will help you find your new favorite pair of jeans.  There is great style in the heart of downtown Davis. Shop local and see for yourself! Be re-newed….especially during Valentine’s weekend!

222 D Street, Davis, CA  95616
530-297-JEAN (5326)
Friday: 11 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm
onday: 11 am – 5 pm

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