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Pool of Ants

North face jackets, jeans, rain boots, and maybe umbrellas – the formula to staying dry for typical college students’ rainy days.  Campus basically looked like a pool of black ants trying to run away from a huge wad of spit this week, but here is a compilation of those who were able to both stay dry and look good.

Alex Fiek was straight out of a futuristic utopian society.  Just kidding, it’s the death star.  The Ray-Ban’s finished off his look perfectly.

Christine He was elegant in black, white, and gray.  Her sunglasses had to come off shortly after this photograph was taken.

Tim Chin was uncomfortably candid.  He chose a good mixture of materials and colors.  Great proportions and well-layered.

Roxanne Calimeris and Ramon Solis stood outside right after the sun came out.  Their bright glasses were a welcoming sight.  The disheveled cuffing and umbrellas served as evidence for the aftermath of the rain.

Sarah Jung biked in an outfit that is considered risky for the weather.  Long hair can usually serve as a scarf, but that is not the case here.

Nadia Mulji and Grace Diebel in the essentials – beanies and rain boots.

David Werner was patient enough to stand in the rain.  The scarf was nowhere near his neck, but his layering and color choices were great.

Enosh Baker seemed ready for the cold with his beanie and fully grown beard until my eyes fell on his sandals.  Hobo chic at its best.

Stay dry, Davis!  Avoid suede boots when it’s raining!

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