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Los Jarritos on Broadway

Los Jarritos is another restaurant on Broadway…I tell you, gems on this street!  Kris discovered Los Jarritos about a year ago when he was out looking for authentic Mexican food with a friend of ours.  The food they brought back was so delicious, this has become a regular spot for Kris and me.  Not only do they have delicious food, they have tasty salsas and the price is way more than right.

I have been wanting to blog about Los Jarritos for quite some time, but every time we head there I inevitably leave my camera behind.  Well, this week was finally the week!  I have a deep love for tamales and Los Jarritos tamales hit the nail on the head.  They’re cooked perfectly and the sauce is heavenly.  I could probablydrink it, if they’d let me.

Needless to say, I ordered 2 pork tamales, per usual.  I actually tried to switch it up and order 2 chicken tamales, but they were out of those.  So, I ordered the pork which I knew wouldn’t disappoint.  Kris, my seafood lover, orders shrimp practically everywhere we go, and he ordered the Shrimp A La Diabla, which means Shrimp of the Devil, literally meaning…hot shrimp.  He was extra hungry so he also ordered a fish taco.  And because Mexican food isn’t complete without beer, we also each ordered a Negra Modelo.  Yum!

I mentioned above that the price is more than right…for all the food we ordered, including beers?  $21.  That’s right.  Oh and did I also tell you that this place is uber casual, so there’s no need to dress up.  I was in gym clothes, and this wasn’t the first time.

The food, once again, did not disappoint.   But really, that is why we went there.  We know that we are guaranteed a great meal every time we choose Los Jarritos.  Try it, I promise you’ll like it!

Los Jarritos is located at 2509 Broadway, Sacramento 95818 (if you follow my blog regularly, it is right next door to New Canton Chinese)

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