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Letter from the Editor

My grandfather Bill Arnold, me (Cary Arnold) and my father Doug Arnold on January 21, 2011.

I say goodbye to January by looking back on the fun Chamber of Commerce Installation dinner where I surprised the guests, the Chamber board of directors and my family with a flash mob dance, and I welcome February with three new writers bringing great content to Davis Life Magazine!

On January 21st I was installed as the Chairman of the Davis Chamber of Commerce at a “Mad Men”-themed celebration at the ARC Ballroom on the UC Davis campus. Community awards were given out, board members were introduced and speeches were given. Near the end of the traditional evening, I surprised the guests by having the DJ interrupt my speech with the song “Club Can’t Handle Me” by Flo Rida. Forty UC Davis students danced through the tables, I was carried off of the stage and I joined in. Halfway through the song, we stopped dancing and forty dinner guests stood up to surprise the room by joining in including local elected officials, business owners, friends and Davis Life Magazine writers including Elizabeth Caravati who writes our “Just Say Yes” section, Diana Mahoney our “Welcome Home” writer and Eric Dirksen our “Pastorized” beer blogger. Elizabeth wrote about her experience here and the YouTube video of the dance can be seen here.

Our friends and advertisers who own and manage Yolo Berry Yogurt were at the Installation dinner and were so happy with the surprise flash mob dance, that they gave choreographer Brian Runstrom free yogurt gift cards for all of the UC Davis dancers. Rose Cholewinski who owns SwimAmerica let us use her recreation room for rehearsals. Thanks to all who helped and participated!

I’m happy to be following in my father and grandfather’s footsteps who served as Chamber of Commerce presidents before me – my father in 1984 and my grandfather in 1958. I was so happy to have them there along with other family members, and I was so glad that they embrace who I am and the fact that I stepped out of tradition and shook things up a bit. I love you Dad and Pop!

Our four new writers are covering subjects we haven’t covered yet, and so far the response to their stories has been fabulous!

Elise Le is a UC Davis student who aspires to be a lawyer for the hope that she can “wear a new suit every day.” Her real passion is fashion so she will cover fashion on the UC Davis campus with our new section, “Aggie Swag.” Her first feature was the most read story for January and you can read it here. Welcome Elise!

Jenny Avise works at STA Travel on campus and loves entertaining. She hosts lots of parties for her friends, plans outings and makes crafty items and decorations for her many themed events. Jenny will be sharing her love for entertaining with us in her “Avise Entertains Davis” section. Avise rhymes with Davis. Her first story “Out of Hibernation” about throwing a get-together at the drive-in theater in Sacramento garnered quite a few comments and you can read it here.

Alexander Lin is a UC Davis student who loves the arts. He’ll be covering local productions for us. His first story covered the “Botanica” show by Momix at UC Davis and you can read it here.

Welcome Elise, Jenny and Alexander! You’re now a part of the Davis Life Magazine family. Our goal is to give back to our community by bringing stories that celebrate Davis and the surrounding areas. If you would like to be a part of the celebration, please let me know!

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