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2nd Friday HeArtAbout

2nd Friday “HeArtAbout”, February 11, 2011: An Art & Dessert Walk of Downtown Davis’ Sweet Spots

The February 11 “HeArtAbout” is a special art & dessert walk celebrating Valentine’s Day. Visitors are invited to discover the sweet spots of Downtown Davis as they view the work of local visual artists. All events are free and open to the public. Sample desserts are first-come, first-serve.


ciocolat, 301 B Street, (530) 753-3088

5-8 pm.   “The Heart Show,” mixed media heart art by Geri, Taylor and Becky Gmahling. Sweets: ciocolat’s heart-shaped petit fours & truffles.

Delta of Venus, 122 B Street, (530) 753-8639

6-8 pm. “Symbols of Affection,” works by Nemo, Roma Devanbu & Jill Bowlus.” Sweets: Delta’s mini pecan tarts, brownies & vegan brownies + printing demo & art giveaway by Nemo.


Hattie Weber Museum of Davis, 445 C Street, (530) 758-5637 

6-8 pm.   100-plus early 20th Century antique valentine cards sent to Violet and Vernon Raabe of Davisville and Davis.

Studio K, 229 C Street, (Behind Coral Bay Dentistry), (530) 753-3770

6-8 pm.  Beth Winfield, figures & still-life & Carrie Whitecotton, colored pencil & acrylics.


Cloud Forest Café, 222 D Street, Suite 10, (530) 753-2164

5-7 pm.   “Atlas Captures,” photography, Colin FitzGerald. Sweets: Cloud Forest Café’s choco-chip & cheesecake brownies, cranberry-oatmeal cookies & snicker-doodles.

Pence Gallery, 212 D Street, (530) 758-3370

6-7 pm.   Juror’s talk on Consilience of Art & Science

6-9 pm.   Art receptions + Sweets: Ice cream by Baskin-Robbins.

  • “Alejandro Rubio: Other Places,” paintings.
  •  “Community Hang-Up,” 30 x 30” mixed media group show
  • “The Consilience of Art & Science 2011,” collaboration with the Art/Science Fusion program at UC Davis.


Cobalt Salon & Gallery, 132 E Street, Suite 350 (in Mansion Square), (916) 806-3141

6-8 pm.   Reception w/ Marie-Therese Brown, oil figure sketches; Deborah Pittman, ceramics. + Live duet with Deborah Pittman (clarinet) & Cobalt co-owner Pete Nowlen (French horn).

Haute Again Consignment + The Garret, 129 E Street, Suite B-1-4, (530) 753-7008

5:30-8 pm.   Davis Shakespeare Ensemble performing sonnets w/ acoustic guitar & a performance from “Romeo and Juliet,” 6 pm, 6:30 pm, 7 pm and 7:30 in front of the store. + Art reception w/ Brigitte Mayer, German folklore prints on paper presented upstairs in The Garret.

Riki Design, 202 E Street, (530) 756-8048

6-8 pm.  Marieke de Waard, life drawings & paintings. Sweets: heart-shaped petit fours & truffles by ciocolat.

Thai Recipes, 132 E Street, Ste. 190 (in Mansion Square), (530) 759-2099

5:30-7 pm.   “Journey of the Heart,” paintings, Mary Neri King. + Live cello by Priscilla Hawkins. Sweets: Thai Recipe’s sticky rice w/ Thai custard + Pumpkin custard.


Armadillo Music, 205 F Street, (530) 758-8058

6-7 pm.    Live Americana music: Misner & Smith.

7-9 pm.   Art reception: Jose Moreno, mixed media. Sweets: Cinnabread by Woodstocks.

Hallmark Inn, 110 F Street, (530) 753-3600

5-7:30 pm.  Jennifer Nachmanoff, ceramic sculpture & pottery. Sweets: Cookies by Seasons.

Log Cabin Gallery, 616 F Street, Davis, (530) 756-3938.

6-9 pm.   Group show featuring Boyd Gavin, acrylics, oils & watercolor.

The Paint Chip, 217 F Street, (530) 753-5093

6-8:30 pm.   Jamie Anderson, abstract acrylics.


The Artery, 207 G Street, (530) 758-8330

7-9 pm.   “Close to Home,” ceramics, paintings & printmaking, Sara Post. Sweets: Sticky rice with Thai custard by Thai Recipes.

Davis Food Co-op, 620 G Street (in Conference Room), (530) 758-2667

6-8 pm.  “Three Generations of Art,” oil paintings by Connie Ketchum & photography by Cindy & Tara Lewis. Sweets: Davis Food Co-op’s Winter Spiced Tarts. Bubbles: Sparkling wine, $1 per taste, sponsored by the Co-op. 

French Cuff Consignment, 130 G Street, (530) 756-3724

5-9 pm.   Mischa Erickson, pen & ink and ink-jet calligraphy & illustrations. Sweets: Vegan Amazon Cake, Cowboy Cookies, carrot cake, Matt’s Vacuum Cleaner Bars & shortbread samples from Davis Food Co-op.


John Natsoulas Gallery, 521 First Street, (530) 756-3938

7-9 pm. “Bark!,” mixed media dog-theme w/ highlighted pieces by Roy De Forest + Book signing of “Photobooth Dogs” by Cameron Woo & wine by Portugal Wineries, sponsored by Natsoulas Gallery.


Avid Reader, 617 Second Street, (530) 758-4040

5:30-7 pm.    Rich Baum, photography (viewing only). Sweets: heart-shaped petit fours & truffles by ciocolat.

Logos Books, 513 Second Street, (530) 400-1083

6-8 pm.  “Where is it?” lino-block prints, Jeffrey Granett (viewing only). Sweets: Napoleon & almond pear cake by Tea-List.

Mishka’s Cafe, 514 Second Street, (530) 759-0811

4-11 pm.  “Death and Hope: Images of Ink on Skin,” photography, Warren Jones. (Art viewing only).


Yolo SPCA Thrift Store, 920 Third Street, Davis, (530) 758-0544

3-8 pm.   Evan Bowen, Katie Walton, Mamadou, mixed media + live music & drawing to win a gift certificate from 3rd Street Jewelers.


International House, 10 College Park, (530) 753-5007

6-8 pm. “The Vanishing Rural Landscape in and Around Yolo County,” b&w photography, William Kenefick + “My Surroundings,” drawings, Michael Stevenson.

Rominger West Winery, 4602 Second St., Suite 4 (near Mace Blvd at I-80), (530) 747-2044

5:30-8 pm.   Daniel Nowak, oil pastels + wine tasting, complimentary appetizers & live music by Chicken & Dumpling.

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