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Shady Lady Saloon

The Shady Lady Saloon is on the popular R Street corridor, with neighbors such as R15, Café Bernardo and Burgers N Brew.  Wait, is this in Davis?  No, but it is on the same block as some of the same yummy joints Davis has to offer as well.  I’ve been to Shady Lady for drinks a bunch of times.  It is a 1920’s style bar that boasts a fun drink menu, a live music stage, and a photo booth!  Shady Lady bartenders and servers dress like they’re from the 20’s and the cocktails are made using housemade tonics, bitters and syrups.

Recently, I ate at Shady Lady and was extremely impressed.  Lots of bars serve food, but it takes something special to have a menu full of tasty items.  Because I’d had a yummy appetizer one night, I wanted to go back and experience a full meal.  New Year’s Day seemed the right time to try it out!

Kris and I met our friend Jon, toasted the New Year, and ordered up a bunch of food to share.  I started off with a drink called the Horse’s Neck, that our waitress told me was one of the most popular.  It’s Bourbon and Ginger Beer, which has always been one of my favorite combos, so immediately was intrigued.  It was as promised.  Delicious!

On to the food…as mentioned, we ordered a few items to share: Fried Green Tomatoes!  These were served on top of a tarragon remoulade.  The only way I can describe these are yum, yum and more yum.  I love Fried Green Tomatoes and Shady Lady did not disappoint!   Next up were Oysters that were covered with melted parmesan and lemon wedges.  I love Oysters any which way theycome, and these were quite tasty as well.  I do prefer raw oysters to cooked, but I wouldn’t turn these down by any means.  Next up was a dish called Mussels & Beer.  Do I even have to explain why this was ordered??  The “mussel juice” as we were calling it at the table, was a delicious stout broth, that was so good, we had to ask for more grilled sourdough bread so we could soak it all up.  Last, but not least, we ordered Macaroni & Cheese and I had a bowl of Tomato Soup that was served with little grilled cheese sandwiches!  Heaven!  Perfect way to start the New Year!

I highly suggest stopping by Shady Lady for a fun and tasty experience.  When the weather warms up, they have nice outdoor seating as well.

Shady Lady is located at 1409 R Street in midtown.  http://www.shadyladybar.com

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