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Out of Hibernation


It takes a lot to leave the comfort of your home in the winter, especially if it means putting on layer after layer due to the recent cold spell. With that in mind, I knew if I was trying to bring friends together anytime soon, it would have to be for a good reason.

My name is Jenny Avise (rhymes with Davis) and I will be taking you through my various stages of event planning – researching, brainstorming, shopping and creating – to help make your hosting lives a bit easier.

January is synonymous with hibernation. If you are like me, that extra “coat” you have somehow magically acquired over the holidays has decided to stay put, and you begin to think that bears have it right sleeping through the winter. Be careful – you might catch yourself turning into a hermit.

In an attempt to avoid winter isolation I wanted to find a way to tear people away from their couches and do some socializing for no real reason other than basic human interaction.

The Super Bowl is an easy way to bring both sports fans and finger food addicts together but who can wait through the whole month of January before finding an excuse to gather? Then the idea came to me…

The Oscars are quickly approaching and I was very behind in seeing the nominated movies. In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, several friends joined me this past weekend and we caravanned to West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive-In off of Hwy 50 and Bradshaw, one of the few remaining drive-ins, to see True Grit and The Fighter. At $6.95, it was a budget-friendly, prime-time, double feature.

It was the perfect solution to the winter isolation dilemma! Snuggling up in your car with the comfort of your pajamas, favorite blanket, hot chocolate, cheese balls and cookies, the drive-in is the perfect location to take that winter hibernation mode mobile and do something only moderately more productive than watching Top Chef reruns.

UCD graduate Jessica Estrada said, “The drive-in is the perfect winter night out with the girls  or the boyfriend – don’t forget your snuggie!”

When you are  in need of a night out, without all of the work a party requires, don’t forget about the drive-in, where going to the movies can be a very comfortable experience.

West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive-In


9616 Oates Drive, Sacramento, CA 95827 (916) 363-6572 ‎

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