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Not So Haute

Twenty degrees later, the students and residents of Davis have finally rolled out of their Snuggies and put on decent outfits. The fight against mother nature’s wrath is now a battle won when fully equipped with layers, circle scarves, thick coats, oxfords, wool gloves, and, most importantly, moth balls. Amidst the crowds of students who woke up just ten minutes before class and could only slip into a pair of gray Champion sweats, an over-sized UC Davis hoodie, and Uggs, there were still a handful of students who took the time to make sure they were at least put together, perhaps in hopes of getting themselves on Davis’ Like A Little. But even if they did not, it is my job as Davis’ first street style blogger to shine light on those who were at least well-dressed enough to grab some attention!

While many purchased ear muffs over winter break, Hanna Ju and Shannon Yun decided to both cut their hair. Lazy winters called for low-maintenance do’s and hooded coats. Hanna stated that she did not like buttoning up her toggle coat because it makes her look like a little boy.

Erika cuddled up in a thrifted scarf and an old pair of loafers. A great combination of desert neutral tones put together! We will never know if she was secretly wearing pajamas underneath her one-buttoned over-sized coat.

Elkan Hwang called himself “a victim of circumstances”. Even with half of his closet in an overflowing laundry basket, he was still able to layer a few of his leftover pieces well.

The first thing he mentioned was that he usually does not dress like this. Even though TOMS shoes look like they could be made by a group of kindergarteners during arts and crafts time, he looks great and should really continue to put together these kinds of outfits. Two pieces of the same color are usually difficult to pull off!

Mingi Kang and Vanessa Chang agreed that layers were the key to keeping warm this winter. They never stated that leather boots were an essential for Davis’ rainy days, but it’s safe to say that they agreed on that as well.

Kim Pong Kwong sports an infamous “man bag” shamelessly. He was also unsure of what to do with Davis Life Magazine’s postcard and decided to advertise for us.

The artist in the arboretum jumps into his guitar case whenever the weather gets too cold. Facial hair is also a winter must-have for men, as it is the equivalent of a scarf!

Homan Rajai confessed that his jeans were from the girls’ section at Forever 21. No shame, Homan, they fit wonderfully! His own fashion blog can be found here.

This couple keeps each other warm for the winter. Aside from that, tights are essential when wearing skirts, shorts, or skorts this season. Wool ones are highly recommended for Davis’ recurring winds.

She takes a summer dress and wears it under a raincoat with patterned stockings. Summer clothing does not have to be thrown in a suitcase and into the back of a closet!

Luke Hammons and Thongxy Phansopha decided to just stay simple this day. It does not take much effort to pull off one’s pajama pants and to throw on a pair of jeans!

He jumped off of his bike to show off his lucky thrift store finds. Long jeans are usually best when altered, but the cuffing here is great to show off his shoes.

Stay warm, Davis! Remember that it is never too cold to come out of the house in sweats or too pretentious to show up in a cashmere cardigan and leather flats on Unitrans. I may be right behind you!

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