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Letter from the Editor

Davis Life Magazine Editor Cary Arnold, photo courtesy of VIP Studios.

Happy New Year!

One of the most rewarding things about being the editor of Davis Life Magazine besides reading the great content our writers treat me to on a regular basis, is the feedback. I get great feedback from our fans and readers. Some comes via email or comments on the site, but most come from people I run into,  most of whom I’ve never met before, but they see me and want to tell me how much they enjoy the magazine. Cashiers know my name because they’re readers, people on the street pay me compliments about our writers and more than once I’ve overheard conversations that strangers were having about a story or something they’d read in the magazine. This is all the best kind of feedback an editor can ask for.

The other feedback comes from Google Analytics. Google Analytics lets me know how many readers are reading each story so that I know what content you all enjoy the most. It shows me how long the readers stay on the page, where they come from, what time they’re reading the story, etc. You might be interested to know the following, at least I was. Even though we’ve been in publication since July of 2007, these Google Analytic numbers only start from May 5, 2010 when we put up our new daily format Website:

1. Most of our readers read the magazine Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

2. Our most read story of 2010 was “Got Compassion?” by Walking Bob. It will come as no surprise that this was also the most commented on story in 2010. Thanks Bob!

3. While November and December are always our slowest readership months because everyone is busy preparing for the holidays, January is one of our busiest.

4. We had 22,673 unique viewers in the past 7 months! Those people come back time and time again. These are our “regulars.” Thanks for being one of them!

5. 95% of our viewers are from the U.S., but the other 5% are visiting from around the world. Most probably just stumble on by mistake but viewers from the following places visit for approximately one minute or longer on average, so they’re actually reading stories: Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, India, Brazil, Italy, Norway, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Our viewers from China clock the most average time on the site at six and a half minutes, even longer than our U.S. readers.

6. Most of our readers come directly to our site, but we do get referrals as well. Most of our referrals come from Facebook and Davis Wiki, but you’ll be surprised to know that our third highest source of referrals is our old friend Cathy Pollak at www.noblepig.com. Cathy used to contribute recipes to our site before moving to Oregon and opening her own winery. One of my New Years resolutions is to purchase some of her wine to feature in DLM in 2011. Thanks for all of your referrals Cathy!

As I look forward to 2011, my goals for the magazine are as follows: Hire more writers to bring you more stories about the unique individuals in our community, cover UC Davis on a more regular basis and to grow our UC Davis readership.

Thanks for your continued support! If you’d like to contribute to the magazine on a regular basis or as a “guest speaker,” let me know. This is a magazine that celebrates our community, so let’s all help celebrate!

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