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Let’s Draw Davis

Hi.  I’m Walking Bob, and I was intrigued by a poster around town advertising, “Let’s Draw Davis!! A SketchCrawl.”  I learned that a SketchCrawl mirrors what I do as Walking Bob except people sketch instead of writing and capture what they see on paper instead of in a camera.

The January 22 event is actually part of the 30th International SketchCrawl, which means that those who take part in Davis will be joining people all over the world who are capturing scenes from their own communities on paper.  Think globally, sketch locally.

Pete Scully, the organizer who is leading his third SketchCrawl in Davis, says the focus is on simply capturing what people see, not creating masterpieces. London-born Scully, whose day job is as Graduate Program Coordinator in the UCD Biostatistics Department, wants to preserve memories of his family’s life in Davis, especially for his almost three-year-old son.

I met Pete during last Friday’s Davis ArtAbout as he sketched Rita Hosking and Cousin Jack’s performance at Armadillo Music.  What especially impressed me was watching him sketch with people looking over his shoulder.

He even got down on his knees so kids could see better.

Pete said that it took him a long time to overcome his shyness about drawing in front of people, which is another motivation for getting people out sketching.  Pete himself had no formal training and even holds his pencil “wrong”, but with daily sketching around his house and community he has watched his work improve.  He encourages others to join the nonjudgmental and supportive group of sketchers on January 22 at 11:30 near the clock fountain in E Street Plaza for another Davis SketchCrawl.

No drawing experience or talent is required.  Simply bring something to draw on, something to draw with, and a willingness to discover and capture on paper some aspect of what makes Davis uniquely Davis.  Remember when you were a kid and knew you could draw anything?  Recapture that feeling and “Let’s Draw Davis.”

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