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Home Trends 2011

A new year brings new opportunities – new goals, a new job maybe? Looking around the rooms of our home and the surrounding yard, often we may consider what needs to be done to spruce up the place, or the sentiment might be a little more urgent. For example, spouses might have a conversation that starts something like this, ” We have to replace the roof this year” or “This is the year we are going to remodel the bathrooms!” Whatever the project may be – big or small – there are certain trends home builders see happening with their clients. I had a chance to get the latest and greatest 411 from two local custom home builder/remodeling companies in Davis, MAK Design and Build, Inc. and Morse Remodeling and Custom Homes.

Delta Addison Collection

According to Anthony Anderson at MAK, the economic climate in our country contributes to the trends we see in fashion and design, home design included. With the unemployment rate at record highs, a lack-luster stock market and declining real estate values consumer confidence is flat at best. In terms of spending money on home improvement projects, during 2010 the industry experienced a noticeable shift away from luxury products and installations, and a move toward more energy-efficient and high-efficiency appliances, fixtures and materials. MAK has noticed their clients allocating their remodeling dollars to improve their home’s performance while also creating a design aesthetic that is sophisticated, technologically-savvy  and softened with nature-inspired colors and textiles. Anderson explains the challenge is for designers to keep their clients’ attention with unexpected details and pops of color to keep things interesting.

2011 Color of the Year

Pantone – the leading company that researches, predicts and names colors annually and seasonally – has selected Honeysuckle 18-2120 as (…and the Oscar goes to….) 2011 Color of the Year!  Runway fashion designs and color always trickle into consumer/home products. And this year will be no different. Honeysuckle 18-2120 is another name for PINK! So look for touches of pink (emphasis on touches!) this year to add excitement to an otherwise predictable assortment of furnishings and consumer products for the home. MAK forecasts its clients will continue to update and upgrade their homes with eco-friendly, efficient and techy products while also looking for returns on their investment from those products. Bye Bye gold-plated faucets! Hello, dual-flush toilets – eh, hem – I mean Hello, value!

Consider Adding Solar Panels in 2011

Marty Morse, owner of Morse Remodeling and Custom Homes, echoes similar observations as Anthony Anderson at MAK makes for 2011 home design trends.

Here is Marty’s Top Ten list for 2011
of products and features Morse clients are incorporating into their remodel and/or new home design plans:

1.       On- Demand Water Heaters

2.       Glass Tiles

3.       Photovoltaic Electrical Panels

4.       Cost-effective upgrades (new surfaces, low VOC  paints, and finishes)

5.       High-efficiency gas fireplaces

6.       Open, Multi-Use Floorplans

7.       Cork and Bamboo Flooring

8.       Fewer tubs and Larger Showers

9.       Natural Light (solar-tubes)

10.     LED lighting

Despite lower real estate values and less available equity, homeowners are doing their research and selecting home improvement options that garner savings and improved performance of their homes. Companies like MAK and Morse are more than willing to consult and provide information and resources to property owners. Certainly the pelethra of home improvement shows demonstrate a range of DIY projects. Before you get started on any be sure you understand the necessary codes, permits and inspections required in your area. Enlisting licensed professionals can prevent unforeseen outcomes to your health (safety first!) and budget.

MAK Design and Build
430 F Street
Davis, CA  95616

Morse Remodeling and Custom Homes
2860 W. Covell Blvd. Suite #3
Davis, CA  95616

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